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Tissue Sarees – The ultimate legacy of silk saree

Tissue silk fabric is one of the graceful and floaty saree styles in India. The term tissue is derived from the weaving technique of this stylish tissue sarees that is the finest and thin threads of silk material. The fabric texture of such a saree looks like a roll of tissue paper and this lustre gives a perfectly stylish and classic look to the saree. This tissue silk is the best-craved fabric material in today’s time. The best use of this fabric is currently made in Banarasi saree, which is referred to as Banarasi tissue sarees. textile info media is one of the best online platforms that can provide you the details about the best suppliers of this saree.

Tissue Sarees: The ultimate legacy of silk saree

The History of Tissue sarees

This tissue sarees has a wide range of stories of its origin. The material is first made in Mysore and hence sometimes it is called mysurian. This beautiful saree fabric has been famous for ages. After the mid-19th century, this fabric got its charm in the textile industry and since then the fabric is used by every woman of every generation. Our great grandmothers and their mothers have worn this saree and now the younger generation is passing this beautiful saree style to the next generation, which means this saree style has made its comfort and classic look sustained for a long time.

The Facts about Tissue silk Saree

The texture of this saree is very fine and semi-transparent. It feels like paper and has the lightest weight of a saree. You can wear it on a daily basis also. The comfort of this saree is suitable for every woman whether she is a working lady or a housewife. The colour options are also very vibrant and fresh that makes it the perfect choice for any casual meetups and cultural events. The base fabric is silk which gives it perfect shine and glossy touch. The saree is easily available in the market as it is produced in many regions of India. The big cities such as Ahmedabad, Surat, and Rajkot have many production sites of this fabric.

The Making

The making of this saree is not very time-consuming. The efforts to make this saree require more attention and dedication. Making the thin layer of silk and giving the saree a single tissue-like texture is a tough task. The saree is made by extracting the silk threads from cocoons. The designers also give this saree a stunning look with many accessorized works and styling it with different draping styles. All the fancy and elegant looks that are made on this saree look pretty amazing and attractive enough to catch the eyes.

The Tissue Silk Saree; Everything to Know About

In today’s time, girls want traditional attire with some fancy and modern look. This tissue silk saree is the best choice for you if you love to wear sarees at functions and are always curious about your classic look. The best-modified versions of these sarees are now available in the market so that you won’t be disappointed with the charm of this saree. The price range of this saree is also very comfortable for every group of society. You can check the online price of this saree via textile info media, it can help you to know more about such amazing sarees.

The Top Trend in Tissue Silk Saree

This saree style has got its trend some decades before. The latest and new arrivals of these sarees make everyone attracted towards it. The classic fashion style of this saree is loved by many women and they prefer it to wear at many functions and events. The saree style is famous among college and office-going girls. Its long-lasting colour shades and new designs make it a wise choice for varieties of functions. You can buy this saree style via textile infomedia and can flaunt in a beautiful outfit with confidence.

The Most popular Different types of Tissue Sarees

Here in this blog, we came up with the most popular and different styles of this saree, that make it easy for you to choose the best one for you among the very confusing options.

Tissue Banarasi Saree

This saree style looks as elegant as its fabric material. The pure silk-based saree has the ability to attract everyone. The charm of this saree is very attractive and stunning. It could be the best choice for every function.

Georgette Tissue sareees

Georgette Tissue sareees

This lovely saree style is perfect for you if you have any casual and semi-casual functions in the pipeline. The amazing style of this saree looks elegant and stunning.

Chanderi Tissue Sarees

This saree has an amazing draping style and looks perfect for cultural and ceremony celebrations. You must add this beauty to your ethnic wear collection to upgrade your fashion style.

Uppada Tissue Sarees

uppada tissue sarees

This saree style is famous among mid-aged and office-going females. The saree style is perfect for little family get-togethers and parties.

Where to buy a Tissue Sarees?

The online platform, textile info media could be your best friend in terms of getting you the details about the best manufacturers, suppliers, and tissue sarees wholesalers of this saree, that too at its best price.

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