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Mulmul Cotton Sarees – The best-known saree style for ages

Mulmul is one of the oldest and finest fabrics known to men in India. The softness and fluffy texture of this fabric has won the heart of every single lady. It has gained more popularity over time. This light-weighted fabric is also known as muslin. These mulmul cotton sarees are best selling throughout India and females of all the regions love to dress up with this style. The super comfort and nice lustre make it a preferable choice many times. Textile info media has all the basic information about its fabric, availability and best suppliers of such saree.

Mulmul Cotton Sarees: The best-known saree style for ages

The History of Mulmul Cotton sarees

Mulmul Cotton was first originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the Mughal’s time, this fabric got its beginning and was loved by every group of society. It is also said that during this Mughal ruling Dhaka was made the capital for trading this muslin fabric.

At that time when this fabric reached its highest peak in the textile revolution, the British rulers tried to quash this trading strongly, because of the less popular and economic benefits of industrial cloths in comparison to these hand-woven finest muslin fabrics. This decreased graph pattern of mulmul served for almost two centuries, after that this amazing fabric has come back with its charm and in today’s time this cotton base fabric is one of the best choices of many women.

The Facts About Mulmul Cotton Sarees

This highly qualified mulmul cotton is so light weighted that it can be compared with a bunch of feathers and many times it is known as woven wind. This fabric is very comfortable and easy to wear for long hours, this saree is also suitable for travelling time for long journeys. This amazing saree is very airy and breathable. The flared part of this saree is very much attractive. The base fabric that is used to make this saree is cotton and every one of us knows the fellow feeling of cotton. This amazing fabric adds extra charm to the relief of this saree.

The Making

The making process of this mulmul cotton is absolutely manual and requires much effort and energy. Many artisans and craftsmen are required for the yarn process and further manufacturing. The material and weaving process is difficult to perform. The ginning process is used to cleans the trashes from fabric and make the parallel ready for the next process that is spinning and weaving. This process is mostly taking place during the rainy season because of extra humidity, which gives the saree amazing elasticity and stretch, this helps to avoid the breakage of yarns. This making process of muslin is very time-consuming. It is said that single mulmul cotton takes around five months to get ready.

The Mulmul Cotton Sarees: Everything to know about

The mulmul cotton is one of the best outfit fabrics in India, especially for the harsh time of Indian summers. The fabric has amazing heat and sweat absorbing properties. The lightest weight fabric is easy to maintain. You can also wash it with gentle detergents and can easily dry it. This fabric gets smoother with each wash. This amazing saree is not very expensive and you can check the online price range of this saree via textile info media so that you can find the best saree style at its best price.

The Top Trend in Mulmul Cotton Sarees

This saree style has been trending for a long time. The comfort and amazing look of this saree makes it loved by all the females of every age group. This saree style is not famous for its comfortable texture, but it has an amazing stylish look that makes it available for many functions and occasions. This saree is available in almost every region of India and that easy availability makes it popular in the textile market. you must add this stunning saree style to your collections and get attracted by its charm.

The Most Popular Different types of Mulmul Cotton Sarees

This mulmul cotton sarees has so many options available in terms of colours, styles, designs and patterns. Here we have listed some beautifully designed and popular types of this saree that you can wear for your next functions to attend.

The Hand block printed Mulmul cotton sarees

This saree has a lot of elegance and a sophisticated look that make it popular among females. You can wear this at traditional functions and parties.

Plain mulmul cotton sarees

The Plain weave Mulmul Cotton Sarees

This plain mulmul saree has an attractive look. The sober and charming look of this saree can catch the eye easily. you must try this beautiful saree for cultural and casual meetups.

Stylish Mulmul Cotton Sarees

This popular saree is trending nowadays. It has perfect fittings for all age groups and all body types. The softened texture makes it a wise choice for functions of longer hours.

stylish mulmul cotton sarees

Where to buy Mulmul Cotton Sarees

Textile info media has all the basic details about the best manufactures, suppliers and wholesalers of mulmul cotton sarees. You can also check the availability and best price of such a saree.

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