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Leheriya Sarees – The story of Rajasthani Saree style

This Leheriya sarees style originated from Rajasthan, India. This saree is one of the versatile sarees among the different styles of sarees. This saree style is designed elegantly and sophistically. The weight of this saree is very much less and comfortable for long hours. This amazing saree is available throughout India. Each color looks fabulous to this saree and that makes the saree most charming. This outfit, the pride of Rajasthani women, can attract anyone with the stunning look of the saree. textile info media has all the details about the best suppliers of such saree. you can buy these amazing sarees via this platform.

Leheriya Sarees: The story of Rajasthani Saree style

The History of Leheriya sarees

The Leheriya style of outfit is has started making its history far back in the 17th century, when there was the ruling of Rajput kings. This garment has made a huge impact on the people of Rajasthan. In the very first place kings were used to wear the turban of Leheriya style, and then females of royal families started wearing this super comfortable saree and flaunt with this light-weighted outfit. Later on, over the years this saree style has made its place in the heart of every woman. The impact of this saree is still intact in the textile market. this excellent saree style is not only famous among the Rajasthani people but also among the people of Gujarat.

The Facts about Leheriya sarees

This Rajasthani-originated saree is world-famous in India. the Leheriya style is actually meant waves. These wavy designs on the saree make it uniquely designed patterns with lesser effort. Mostly the light and fresh colors look amazing with this saree. the saree is perfect for summers as it has the property of absorbing the heat. The base fabric that is mostly used to make this saree is cotton or silk, these both-based fabrics are amazing looking and comfort giving. The soft texture of cotton and shiny look of silk makes this saree a preferable choice for daily wearing or functions wearing respectively.

The Making

The Leheriya designs are mostly dyes on silk or cotton fabric. This fabric is rolled from one corner to another and then tied at regular intervals, after that it undergoes the dyeing process. These wave patterns result from these regular folds, this dyeing process is repeated several times. The dye materials that are used, are natural and body-friendly. The alizarin and indigo dyes are used to make such designs on the saree. This amazing style of saree has undergone many modifications and revolutions over time. The weaving process is less time-consuming than this saree. craftsmen require no extra efforts to make this saree.

The Leheriya sarees: Everything to know about

The Leheriya sarees is one of the most elegant and fabulous-looking sarees. This amazing pattern and design are so attractive that they can catch the eyes of everyone. This saree suits every body shape and tone. The market availability of this saree is very easy. The price range of this saree is varying according to the fabric used and work done. You can check the online price of this saree via textile infomedia, it can help you to know the actual market rate of such saree.

The top Trend in Leheriya Sarees

In the diversity of Indian cloth, this Leheriya sarees has made its unique impact and always has been part of the most popular sarees in the textile market. The big cities such as Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jaipur, Udaipur, etc are known for making these sarees. these trending sarees are loved by females of all age groups whether they are mode aged women or young age girl. The fantastic comfort because of its lightweight makes this saree a preferable choice for many functions. The laces and borders all around the saree make it look extra charming and stunning.

The Most Popular Different Types of Leheriya sarees

This Leheriya sarees is most popular among the girls and has amazing availability. The many options make us confused to get the best one, here are some stunning-looking sarees of this category listed below that you may try for the next events.

The Lace worked Leheriya Sarees

Leheriya Sarees - The story of Rajasthani Saree style

This saree style increases the beauty of the Leheriya sarees. The amazing laces and Gota patties make the saree super attractive and perfect for many functions.

The mirror worked Leheriya sarees

These mirror works are getting popular nowadays. The perfect shiny-looking saree is perfect for functions in the evening. Day parties are also suitable for this outfit.

The Border Leheriya sarees

border leheriya sarees

The beautifully designed border is an amazing part of the saree that can give a completely different look to your saree. The perfect blousing can also make the saree for functions and events.

Where to buy Leheriya sarees

The textile info media is an amazing online portal that provides you the details about the best manufactures, suppliers, and wholesalers of leheriya sarees. You can also check the online price range of this saree via this portal. You can also get amazing offers and discounts on such saree through this textile platform.

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