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South Indian Sarees – The story of best Indian Attire

In India, we have such a grand diversity of clothing styles and dressing ideas. All of them have their own unique style and Charm. The one we are going to talk about in this blog is south Indian sarees. The south region of India has an amazingly elegant and graceful saree style. The look of these attires is very much attractive because of their traditional and cultural look.

These sarees have stunning comfort and are ready to wear at any function or occasion. Textile info media has all the informative details about the best suppliers of these sarees, where you can buy stylish one’s for you at their best price.

South Indian Sarees: The story of best Indian Attire

History of South Indian Sarees

The history of these south Indian sarees travels us back to times of king rulings. Far back in the 16th to 18th-century queens got attracted by the beauty of these sarees. The sarees style gives the perfect royal and traditional look. Later on, these sarees are introduced to the common men and all the women have accepted these stunning sarees with love.

Over time many modifications and experiments have been done with the look of this saree to sustain its charm in all the generations. The production of these sarees was started in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala. Even today’s time these regions are known for the production of this amazing and stunning saree in the textile industry.

The Facts about South Indian Sarees

This finest art on fabric has all the start in terms of look and elegance. The sober and traditional look of this saree attracts everyone easily. The dark and shiny colours make this saree a preferable choice for many functions and events. The draping style of this saree is also very unique and can catch the attention of everyone.

This mesmerizing classic look of this saree is made of pure silk, the silk material is having all the glitters and love from girls of all generations. These sarees have little heavyweight but it has been light enough to carry for a longer time. The touch of golden colour on this amazing silky saree with perfect jewellery is breath-taking to look at.

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The Making

The making history of this saree is not new. The procedure of making this saree includes getting the silkworms, then boiling the cocoons to extract shiny silk fibres. These fibres then undergo the technique of yarn making and weaving process. then the fabric gets its best dyes with all the natural and body-friendly colours. At the last stage, these sarees face the drying process and are made strong enough to look attractive. The palla and main sarees are weaved differently and then after getting all the work done, these two separate parts are stitched together to complete this beautiful saree.

The South Indian Sarees: Everything to know about

South India has been the most cultural and traditional region of India. so, all the attire from this area of India has always been representative of Indian culture. These south Indian sarees have a royal and outstanding rich look that has the ability to make an impact on every generation. These sarees are available easily in the market and have a very comfortable price range for every group in society. You can check the online price range of this saree via textile info media, which can help you to know about the availability and best price of such sarees.

The Top trend in South Indian Sarees

The trend of these sarees has been popular for ages. The girls of every age group must want to try this elegant and sober saree style once in a lifetime. The perfect match with skin tone and amazing fittings to every body type makes this saree a preferable choice for many functions and events. The classic look of this saree helps you to flaunt confidence with your attire. you must add this beauty from the south indian sarees to your wardrobe collection and try this for your next festive function.

The Most Popular Different Type of South Indian sarees

The popularity of this saree always touches the peak in the textile market. It has so many options in terms of colours, fabrics, draping style and origin of different areas of south India, here are some bestselling sarees of this category listed below that you can try in 2021.

Kanjeevaram sarees

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This elegant and royal looking saree is perfect for every traditional and festive function. The shiny dark colours such as bottle green, navy blue, rani pink are suitable choices for this saree.

Kanchipuram Saree

These sarees have a sophisticated and attractive look that makes them look perfect and attractive enough to get all the attention. The golden border and palla of this saree are stars of this saree style.

Pattu sarees

These sarees have recently gotten all the attention of girls. The charm of this saree style is increasing day by day. This lovely looking saree is perfect for many occasions.

Where to buy South India Sarees

You can check the availability of this saree via textile info media. This site also provides you with the details about the best manufactures, suppliers and south indian wholesalers of this saree and also has mentioned the best prices of this saree.

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