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Block Print Sarees – The Story of Finest Art on Fabric

Block printing has been very well known for ages in India. The wooden blocks are used for printing the designs on the fabric. This art on fabric is loved by all generations. These paintings are most popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat, these are Dabu printing and Ajrakh printings respectively. These geometric motifs and mud printings represent the Indian tradition and culture. It is also said that India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of such block print sarees. Textile info media has details about manufacturers of such amazing sarees in your cities. This culturally-based saree must be added to your ethnic wear collection.

Block Print Sarees: The Story of Finest Art on Fabric

The History of Printing Sarees

The many assumptions were tried to discover the beginning of this amazing design on blocks. Some research said that the era of this famous printing started in pre-Christian times. Hence the beginning process of such art is said when the metal-plates are produced with designs. In Europe during the 19th century, these plates were made with machinery and designs were carved into them for printing the clothes. Before that, in ancient times the stones and wood were used to carve designs and make impressions on fabrics. The printing via these blocks, nowadays getting high popularity in the textile wholesale market.

The Facts About Block Print Sarees

These block prints are mainly motifs of traditional and cultural designs. This art of fabric has economical values also. The colours that are for these printings are long-lasting and remain intact after so many washes. The base fabric that is used to make this saree is cotton. On this lightweight and comfortable fabric, these prints lighten very well. You can wear this saree on a regular basis also without getting irritated. This amazing saree is perfect for summers and longer hours. Add this perfect dressing style to your wardrobe collection and flaunt with confidence.

The Making

The process of making block printing on fabric includes three main techniques; preparing woodblocks, tools making and printing process.

Preparing Wood Blocks

These blocks are mainly made of wood from trees such as pear, box, holly lime and sycamore. On this wood plays the fine designs are made and then cut off an edge to make it ready for printing.

Preparing other Tools

The printing tables and colour sieves are other important tools for making such a saree. The flat and flexible wooden table or iron supporting slabs are made to keep the cloth safe and in perfect shape.

Printing process

This could be a challenging task. The paintings are made on cloth in a regular manner throughout the fabric, then the process is repeated again with extra care so that the impression of the second time can be imposed exactly as it was on the first.

The Block print Sarees: Everything Know About

The block printed sarees has all the traditional and cultural designs crafted on wooden pieces. These styles are popular among ladies of all age groups. The bigger cities of Rajasthan such as Udaipur, Jaipur are said to be big production houses of these sarees. You can wear this saree on a daily basis also. The base fabric that is used to make this saree is cotton. and cotton gives this saree perfect comfort and lightweight thus you can wear this for hours. The price range of this saree is also easy to buy. You can check the online price of such a saree via textile info media.

The Top Trend in Block print Sarees

These sarees are trending because of their unique designs and base fabric material. All the dark and light colour shades look perfect in this saree style. College and office going girls can wear this saree at cultural celebrations at their respective professional spaces. The availability of this fabric is also easy in the market and that makes it a popular and trendy saree style among females.

The Most Popular Different Types of Block print sarees

In such a category of saree, it has so many options available in the market. Choosing the best one is the toughest task to perform. Here are some popular and attractive types of this saree listed below that you can try for the next events.

Floral printed block print sarees

Floral printed block print sarees

These floral prints are trending very much nowadays. This saree style is perfect for casual and semi-casual meetups. The comfort and style of this saree, both are in favour of women.

The Cultural Printed block print Sarees

This saree has traditional printings of Mughal artwork, temple motifs and the finest karigari on fabric. This style of saree looks elegant enough to wear at any royal and important function.

The Kutchi printed block print sarees

This saree represents Gujarat’s culture very well. The saree looks super amazing and attractive to everyone. You can try this saree at various functions.

Where to buy block print sarees?

The online platform, textile info media has all the important details about the best suppliers, wholesalers of block print sarees and manufacturers of such saree. You can also check the inline price range of such a saree via this platform.

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