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Hand Work Sarees – the beautiful art of Indian fabric

In today’s time where machinery printings and graphic printing are trying their feet in the textile market, these hand work sarees are big competition to them. Still, people are attracted to its beauty and charm. The match for these sarees is still a mystery. These sarees have a perfectly elegant and stunning look. This manual artwork on fabric has attracted females of all age groups. This hand work sarees tradition was famous at many places such as Murshidabad, Bengal, Bihar and colour. All the efforts of craftsmen are very well justified with the look of this saree. Textile info media has all the details about the best manufactures of these sarees.

Hand Work Sarees - the beautiful art of Indian fabric

The History of Hand Work Sarees

The origin of these sarees takes us back to centuries where the Bengali housewives tend to make this artwork on old fabric and make them look beautiful and new looking. They play with threads and needles to give the saree an elegant and unique colourful look. These designs are very perfect and attractive styles. This ritual of making these sarees is still happening in many rural places of Bengal. This style has also had economical value for ages. The women in their free time run this small house business and help financially. The designs that are crafted on these sarees are motifs of animals, plants and cultural patterns.

The Facts about hand work sarees

This amazing art on fabric is made qualitative. The threads are stitched perfectly and strong enough to sustain for longer times. These sarees have long-lasting properties. The colours don’t fade easily that can make this saree a preferable choice in today’s time. The maintenance of this saree is also very easy and doesn’t require any extra treatments. This amazing embroidery work is mostly done on silk and cotton fabric. Both the base fabric is amazing and have their own beautiful specialities. The hand work sarees looks extra highlighted on such fabric. You can wear these sarees on a daily basis also. 

The Making

The starting of making these sarees has unique stories, the rural females that have hardly been out of their villages or have any formal education to make these sarees have started this art on fabric. These females have done extraordinary work to make the saree attractive. Later on, the commercial value and production of this saree started and in today’s time, this art on saree by hand is popular all over India. It helps many women and small families to earn money with these amazing skills of their fabric art. Many modifications and trials are tried to give the look extra charm and these sarees have successively made the best impact on its in-textile market.

Hand Work Sarees - the beautiful art of Indian fabric

The Hand work sarees: Everything to Know About

The classic designs and elegant look of this saree have attracted not only Indians but also has attracted tourists that visit India. This art on fabric has something beautiful with it that can be the centre of the attraction. The colours that are used as threads to make these sarees are contrasting to the main saree. The cotton-based saree gives it perfect comfort while the silk base saree gives it a glossy and shiny look. The price range of this saree is also comfortable and affordable. You can check the online price of saree via textile info media

The Top Trend in Hand work Saree

This saree has been trending in the textile market for ages because of its lightweight and comfort. This saree is comfortable during all seasons. The heat-absorbing property also makes it a preferable choice for summers. You can wear this saree during the outing for hours and feel relaxed with the light texture of such a saree. The patterns and designs are so attractive that these sarees can be worn on different functions and occasions. try this fabulous saree style on your next events and flaunt with confidence.

The Most Popular Different Types of hand work Saree

These sarees have many options available in terms of patterns, designs and colours. These sarees are most popular among young girls. Here are some fashionable and new styles of such saree listed below that can make it perfect for today’s time.

The Floral designs

The small and big both the regular embroidered patterns and designs of flowers are popular for ages. These flours designs are attractive and the perfect choices for any function and event.

floral design hand work sarees manufacturers

The Animal Designed Hand work Sarees

The animal embroidery designs on fabric have been intact for years in Indian textile culture. These designs look amazing for traditional and culturally based functions and events.

Cultural designed hand work Sarees

The traditional sarees which has designs of old temples and mandala work on saree falls into this category. This saree style is perfect for any Indian cultural function.

Where to Buy a Hand, Work Sarees?

The textile info media has all the details about the best manufacturer, hand work sarees wholesalers and suppliers of such sarees. You can also check the best price and availability of this saree via this platform.

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