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Pochampally Sarees – The Best Geographically Design Saree

The amazing tradition of making Pochampally sarees are carrying out in Bhoodan Pochampally, yadadri bhuvanagiri district of Telangana, India. this saree style has cultural and traditional patterns of ikat which is dyeable. This saree has huge popularity that Indian aeroplane company called Air India have chosen this special Pochampally sarees for their cabin crew. The chawkra pattern of this saree are famous for ages, this pattern includes a wave-like structure that has edges and diamonds inside the patterns. Textile info media has all the basic details such as availability, price range and contacts of the best suppliers of these sarees. check out this to get the new collections.

Pochampally Sarees: The Best Geographically Design Saree

The History of Pochampally sarees

The tradition of making this saree started during the mid-19th century. The origin of this saree was said to be Telangana, India. Firstly, it was started to increase the profits and income of labourers but nowadays these sarees are India’s one of the best and most popular sarees which has attracted females all over India. This Pochampally ikat was originally brought from the town chirala. This saree has made its place in the tentative list of UNESCO of world heritage as iconic saree weaving clustered in India. The beauty of this saree is never matched with any other style of saree to date.

The Facts about Pochampally sarees

The Pochampally sarees has unique patterns designed in the form of ikat. These ikats have amazing attractions and vibrant designs. The maintenance of such is very easy and requires no extra treatment. The base material that is used to make this saree is mostly silk and cotton. Both the base material has amazing characteristics such as shiny, glossy look and light-weighted comfort respectively. The silk that is used to make this saree is brought from Bangalore and then zari work that is made on this saree to decorate it is brought from Surat. This amazing art of saree is a must-try dressing style; I am sure the beauty of this saree will never disappoint you in terms of its royalty.

The Making

The making of this Pochampally sarees includes the warp and weft thread technique. Firstly, the yarns are wrapped tightly and then geometric patterns are implemented in these yarns. Then the dyeing process takes place. This dyeing process is repeated several times. The binding process can be altered to make amazing, attractive patterns and then dyed them again to give them an extra charming look. After finishing the dyeing process the bindings are removed and colourful yarns are ready to weave the stunning attractive saree. Weaving this saree doesn’t take too much time.

The Pochampally Sarees: Everything to know about

This amazing beauty from Telangana has taken all the hearts of every woman. These sarees are uniquely designed and have amazing patterns in a regular manner. The trend to these sarees is growing high nowadays and it is making huge female fan followings. This saree has a pure traditional look with a classic style. This saree has faced many experiments and made a fashionable impact on the textile market without losing its original charm. The price range of this saree is also very affordable and easy to buy. You can go through the textile info media and check the online price of such a saree.

The Top Trend in Pochampally sarees

This saree has created a huge impact on females of all generations. Many times, celebrities are also seen wearing this saree and promoting the look of this amazing attractive saree. The saree style is very comfortable for hours. These sarees are ready to wear for both cultural and casual events. This saree is suitable for every season because of its texture. Office going ladies and young females, who are conscious about their look and always search for new and trendy sarees, this sarees style is probably perfect for you. Add this beauty to your wardrobe collection and make a mark with your stunning attire.

The most Popular Different Type of Pochampally Sarees

The Pochampally sarees has many varieties in terms of designs and patterns. Here are some best and popular styles of this saree listed below that can help you to find the best attire for you.

Pochampally Uppada Sarees

Pochampally Uppada Sarees:

This saree always mesmerised many women with its attractive and stunning look. This saree is perfect for all the casual and semi-casual functions. This saree has perfect comfort and it is easy to carry for long hours.

Pochampally Pattu Sarees

pochampalli pattu sarees

This saree has an amazing silk-based texture, which gives it a perfect shiny look that makes it the best choice for traditional functions and social meetups. Dark and light both the colour looks amazing on this saree style.

Checks Pochampally sarees

This style of Pochampally sarees is made to give it a modern look for the younger generation, but it is widely accepted by women of other age groups also. The perfect classic look and designs make it a better choice for functions and events.

Where to buy a Pochampally sarees?

The textile info media has all the basic details and contact details of the best manufacturers, pochampally sarees wholesalers and suppliers of these sarees. You can also check the online price of this saree via this platform.

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