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Mekhela Chadar Sarees – The unique attire from Assam

Mekhela Chadar sarees are worn by females of Assam, India. This saree has a unique draping style which includes wearing two different pieces of cloth. The one which is draped in the bottom is called Mekhela, it is worn from the waist to downward up to the bottom. The other one is called chadar which is the top wear of this unique saree. This style is most famous in Assam, but females of nearby regions also get attracted by this different draping style. This saree has nice comfort and an easy carrying style. Textile info media has details about suppliers of this absolutely stunning saree style that too at its best price.

Mekhela Chadar Sarees

History of Mekhela Chadar Sarees

This Mekhela chadar saree is one of the best and very well-known dressing styles of Indian history, this style of saree is famous among the females of Assam for ages. This beautiful art in fabric has won the heart of women of all generations. Over the generations, this amazing saree style has gone through many modifications and without losing its actual charm this saree has made its impact on the textile market for that long. The ritual of draping this unique saree is passed successively to the generations. In the present scenario, young girls love to flaunt in this amazing saree style.

The Facts About Mekhela chadar Sarees

The major base fabrics that are used to make this amazing saree are Muga Silk, Pat Silk, cotton, and Eri Silk. These beautiful and comfortable fabric materials give the saree extra comfort and a super stylish, shiny, and glossy look. Generally, this saree requires low maintenance and can be kept in a regular manner without any special treatment. The designs on this saree are so elegant in cultural representation. The beautifully designed saree makes it perfect for many functions and traditional events. You can check the latest and trendy saree of this category and wear it for functions to attract people.

The Making

This Mekhela chadar sarees is mostly produced in Assam, India, and then distributed to other regions of India. This saree style is produced in a small town of Assam called Sualkuchi.  The patterns that are made to look like this saree are mostly handwoven and not printed. This hand-woven design requires experts and skilled craftsmen. The designs are mostly the motifs of cultural paintings, animals, flowers, and natural things. These ingenious designs are woven by trial or non-tribal people of Assam. The saree typically represents Assam and Indian culture with its designs that can catch the eyes of others easily.  

The Mekhela chadar Sarees: Everything to Know about

This saree style is made of silk material that gives it a perfectly shiny and amazing look. This style of saree has a perfect fitting for all body types and shapes. You may find all the color suits on this saree. The blousing style is also very unique and elegant looking. The price range of this saree is not very much expensive, it falls into the affordable range. You can check the online price of this saree through textile info media. This amazing artistic saree style has also been presented in the Lakme fashion week. Add this beauty to your wardrobe collection and make everyone mesmerized with your beautiful collection of ethnic wear.

The Top Trend in Mekhela Chadar

This unique style is most popular and famous among the females of Assam because of its cultural and traditional look. but it is famous in other parts of India because of its stylish and elegant look, this saree is so lightweight that it can be managed for hours. The comfort from this saree is so relaxed that you can wear it during travel times. The women of Assam can walk miles wearing this fabulous saree style. This low-maintenance and long-lasting fabric is here for you if you have new functions in the pipeline.

The most popular different types of Mekhela chadar Sarees

The varieties of this saree available in the market surely leave you confused about choosing the best one, here are some most popular and amazing saree styles listed below that can help you to buy the perfect one for you.

Pat Silk Mekhela chadar sarees

Mekhela Chadar Sarees - The unique attire from Assam

This saree has amazing palla and border styles and an elegant stylish look that can be worn at traditional and cultural festivals.

Muga Silk Mekhela Chadar Sarees

This pretty shiny and glossy saree is perfect for all the events of daytime as well as night times. The shunning look of this saree can attract everyone easily.

The cotton-based Mekhela Chadar Sarees

These amazing saree styles have fabulous comfort and a variety of color options. The perfect designs and patterns can catch the eyes of others. You can wear this saree as daily wear also.

Eri Silk Mekhela Chadar Sarees

This easy draping and unique style of saree are perfect for casual and semi-casual functions. The religious events are also the ideal time to wear this sober, sophisticated yet fancy saree.

Where to buy Mekhela chadar Sarees?

The saree style is available at different suppliers, you can get the details of the best manufactures, suppliers, and mekhela chadar wholesalers via textile infomedia. It can also provide the best online price range of such a saree.

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