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Gota Patti Sarees – The Attractive Fabric Art from Rajasthan

Gota Patti sarees are fabulous style of embroidery work that is crafted on fabric to make the saree look stunning and attractive. Such artwork on fabric is said to be from Rajasthan, India. The technique includes the decorations and accessories that work on the border or the edge of the saree. This decorative work includes ribbon, mirrors, thread works, Zari work along with beautiful embroidery. This Gota embroidery is famous as traditional and wedding clothes in the northwest region of India. The saree style represents the amazing cultural artwork on the fabric. textile info media has all the informative details about the best manufactures of such saree, that you can find the perfect attire for yourself easily.

Gota Patti Sarees: The Attractive Fabric Art from Rajasthan

History of Gota Patti sarees

The history of this elegant saree is basically as old as centuries. This saree was first featured for royal Rajput families and members of courts. Gota Patti is mainly believed to have originated from Rajasthan, India. But some argue that this style is inspired by Pakistani embroidery which was first introduced in Pakistan, after that the popularity was shifted to Rajasthan and since then this amazing style of saree is creating its mark in the textile industry. Over time this saree has faced many changes and experiments and it is now one of the best and royal collections of India.

The Facts about Gota Patti sarees

This Gota-style saree is one of the best traditional and cultural outfits. The amazing embroidery designs are motifs of nature, animal printings, traditional temple patterns, cultural art, and flowers. This unique edge decoration can enhance the beauty of the saree and make it extra charming. The female from Rajasthan wears this saree for important functions. The best fabric that can be used to make this amazing saree is chiffon, Tussar silk, georgette, and crepe. All these lightweight fabrics are comfortable for long hours and during traveling without facing any issue. The colors are not a barrier to this saree, any light or dark shade is the perfect choice for these sarees.

The Making

The Gota is actually a unique design of lace from Lucknow. The metallic lace border is made on weft yarn that is coated with metals. The other one wraps yarn which is made of fabric ribbons. The small part of the zari is decorated on the fabric part with the thread work to create the amazing design or patterns. The various metals are used as zari threads, such metals are gold and silver most of the time but sometimes copper metal is also used along with this gold and silver medal. The Gota ribbon is woven with the wrap of gold or silver wire, and a weft of silk or cotton threads.

The Gota Patti Sarees: Everything to Know About

This amazing Gota Patti is so attractive that it can catch the eyes of everyone even from a long distance. The colors of the saree with this gold and silver lacework make the saree extra charming. The patterns of embroidery are chosen on the basis of cultural look. The females of every age group love the pretty designs of this saree and like to wear this saree at every function. The price range of this saree is so comfortable that it can be bought by any group of the society. You can check the online price range of this saree via textile info media.

The Top Trend in Gota Patti sarees

This Gota Patti sarees is famous among young as well as mid-aged women. The older generations also prefer to wear this stunning saree style. The market availability of this saree is also very easy and it can make it trendier. The comfort level of this saree is really nice that you can choose this saree for summers also. add this amazing saree style to your wardrobe collection and flaunt the next look of your attire.

The Most Popular Different Types of Gota Patti sarees

Too many options can also be trouble-making. Choosing the best one will always be the toughest equation to solve. This problem is the same with this category of saree, it has so many different types and designs. Here are some best and popular types of this saree listed below that you can try for the next event.

Georgette based Gota Patti sarees

Gota Patti Sarees - The Attractive Fabric Art from Rajasthan

This saree has an amazingly stylish and fancy look that makes it perfect for casual parties and cultural events. The lightweight and unique look of this area is very attractive.

Chiffon based Gota Patti sarees

Best chiffon gota patti sarees manufacturers

This saree is very much popular among young girls. The super comfort and smooth texture make it perfect for daytime as well as nighttime occasions.

Cotton Based Gota Patti sarees

cotton gota patti sarees

The lightweight and perfect comfort of this saree is really the best quality of this saree. you can carry this saree on a daily basis also and feel confident about your attire.

Where to buy Gota Patti Sarees

The textile info media is one of the best online platforms that can provide you with the details about the best manufactures, suppliers, and Gota patti sarees wholesalers. You can also get an idea about the best online price of such a saree via this platform.

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