Patola Sarees – The Finest Art of Fabric

Patola is one of the best known and very much famous dressing styles known to men. It originated from Patan city in Gujarat, India, the popularity of this saree is hidden from no one. The patola sarees have had the best impact on everyone for ages. The high prices of this saree are one of the reasons for its popularity. This saree is very much expensive and earlier only belongs to royal and aristocratic families.

It has never dropped its price since the beginning. Mostly, the patola is made of silk fabric but some is also famous patola manufactured in Surat. These weaving processes are secured by some authorised families. The technique is not very well known to other designers. This patola can be worn on both sides.

Patola Sarees
Patola Sarees: The Finest Art of Fabric

The History of Patola sarees

The history of the patola saree is very old. It is famous from raja maharaja’s time. Gujarat has been a hub of these sarees and still, it has maintained its popularity the same. During the 12th century, these sarees started to have an impact on people even royal families got attracted to their beauty. The art of making patola is one of the finest and perfect arts in the fabric of ancient times. This area is also printed on Caves of Ajanta which represent the dyeing process of Patola. This amazing patola has made its impact intact on society to date. These patola sarees wholesaler are also represent the social status of females from Gujarat.

Facts about Patola sarees

These sarees can be worn both the side and it makes it the centre of attraction in a huge audience. This patola saree is very much expensive and not easily available everywhere in the market. The dyeing process of this saree is also not easy. This saree is perfect for any royal, traditional and festive function. People from rich families choose this stunning and unique style of saree for parties and occasions. It has become the status matter in Gujarat. This fabulous piece of saree is very long-lasting and never gets faded. The love of girls for this saree is matched with nothing.

The Making

It is very hard to make a single patola perfectly. The process is very time consuming and lengthy and this is the reason for its high price. It is said that these sarees take more than six to seven months to get ready for wearing. The making of a single patola takes even one year sometimes to give it a perfect and amazing look.

The technique of making these sarees is not very popular. Very few people from Gujarat know the perfect weaving technique of patola. It is also said that this technique is only teched to the sons of the family and no one else. These patolas are mostly prepared in patola sarees in Ahmedabad, Patan and Surat. These sarees are well repressive of Gujarati culture.

The patola: Everything to know about

The patola is very famous among the people. These patola sarees are very much expensive and not affordable by many. The traditional look of these sarees makes them perfect for many functions and occasions. The best colours and perfect blousing style give it the best look that cannot be matched by another style of sarees. It is not only limited to the people of Gujarat only but attracts the rest of India with its perfect style and look. You can check the online piece of this saree at textile infomedia and other important details too. 

Top Fashion trend In Patola sarees

The patola has been trending for a very long time and I am sure it will never lose its charm because the unique style is very rare to find and make. This beautifully designed fabric is the love of every single female. Many celebrities also, never fail to show their love toward this saree. The description of this saree is also made in Gujarati famous songs. You should buy this beautiful style of dressing and upgrade your wardrobe collection. These patolas are not very fancy yet their sober and sophisticated look makes them better than other clothing styles.

The most popular different Type of Patola sarees

The popularity of the patola saree has always been on top. People love to wear this amazing piece of dressing style. Here are some best styles of patola listed below.

Double ikat patola sarees

Double ikat patola sarees
Double ikat patola sarees

This is a very famous style of patola saree, it is designed in a way that you can wear it both the side and hence called double ikat, this amazing looking saree is long-lasting and perfect for various functions.

Rajkoti Patola sarees

Rajkoti Patola sarees
Rajkoti Patola sarees

These sarees are famous for their bright colour and vertical weaving, it is a single ikat saree. This patola style is very much decent and sober for any occasion.

Hyderabadi Patola sarees

Hyderabadi Patola sarees
Hyderabadi Patola sarees

The Hydrabadi patola is famous for its border. The border-style is very much beautifully designed and perfect for all kinds of events.

Where to buy Patola sarees

These patola sarees are very much famous among the girls and you can check the information about the best patola sarees manufacturers and suppliers of these sarees. It also has information about fabric material and its best price range.

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