Kanjeevaram Sarees – The Best South Indian attire

Hey, cravers of beautiful and traditional saree, we all know how much we love Indian ethnic wear. Draping the Kanjeevaram sarees is one of them. This saree is accepted as the favourite traditional saree of Indian women. These sarees are very rich in tradition and culture. These sarees look perfectly amazing and I am sure every one of us wants to have this saree in our collection of ethnic wear because of its stunning appearance. These sarees are the most popular and attractive saree attire in India. The fabric mostly used for this saree is silk, which gives it a perfectly shiny and glossy look. Women never fail to show their eternal love toward such amazing and beautiful shiny saree.

Kanjeevaram Sarees
Kanjeevaram Sarees: The Best South Indian attire

History of Kanjeevaram sarees

The love for this stunning saree has been started way back and it has the same impact seven today. These sarees are said to be worn by queens and friends. They love to wear these amazing styles of saree and flaunt happily. The origin of this saree is a small town in Tamil Nadu that is Kanchipuram and thus it has the name Kanjeevaram. The history of wearing these sarees is older than 500 years.

It is said the people from Hindu civilization called Saligars and Devangas who were located in Kanchipuram used their woven silk amazingly and introduced these super stunning and beautiful sarees to the world. They have created charming designs and patterns for such saree which represents Indian culture very well. After that these sarees became so famous throughout India.  

Facts About Kanjeevaram sarees

Since the beginning, the Kanjeevaram sarees have undergone so many experiments and modifications that make them perfect for today’s time. These fabulous-looking sarees have mythological stories and traditional patterns or designs in them. The prints are super amazing and eye-catching. People easily get attracted to such sarees. These prints are generally crafted on an amazing borderline of saree.

The designs include florals patterns, temples designs, striped patterns, and weave lines. Try this best beautiful Kanjeevaram saree supplies and manufacturers the details of these suppliers you will get from textile info media. The prince range and fabric material at these suppliers are very comfortable.

The Making Process of Kanjeevaram saree

The making of this saree is not a very difficult process nowadays but it is very time-consuming because giving the best and perfect traditional look to each and every piece of Kanjeevaram saree is not an easy task. The fabric that is used to make this saree is pure silk. The perfect look of silk makes this saree extra charming.

The perfect fusion of Silk saree from south India and gold or silver thread work from Gujarat makes this saree the love of girls. To give it perfect texture and thickness this saree is kept in rice water and then dried with sun heat before wearing it. These saree sarees are made very much attractive and stunning looking for each and every function or occasion.

Kanjeevaram Sarees – Everything to Know about

The best Kanjeevaram saree is famous throughout India, The best characteristic of these sarees are its border and palla. They are made and designed first and then attached to the main saree part separately. The palla part of this saree is very much rich in style and full of an elegant look. The Kanjeevaram saree designs and pattern at these borders and palla are usually different from the main saree part to give the whole saree a perfect contrasting look.

The fabric of this saree is very strong and long-lasting, the colors don’t fade easily for years. The weight of the Kanjeevaram saree is not light because of gold threads and pure silk fabric, but it gives this saree an amazing look that can not be matched by any other saree. You can check here kanjeevaram sarees online shopping in India.

The top trend in Kanjeevaram sarees

The Kanjeevaram sarees has been trending for a very long time. Females love to wear this saree at each and every function and occasion. The perfect rich and traditional look of this makes it a preferable choice for festive season and wedding occasions. This style has never been out of the trend, and I am sure it will maintain its popularity in the textile market for the next many years with its modifications that give it a perfectly stylish and traditional look.

The most popular different Style of Kanjeevaram sarees

The popularity of the Kanjeevaram saree is not hidden from anyone, here are some best pieces of these sarees are listed below to help you for your upcoming events.

Bridal Kanjeevaram sarees

Bridal Kanjeevaram sarees
Bridal Kanjeevaram sarees

These sarees are mostly of red colour with added extra colours to give it the final touch. The saree is so elegant and eye-catchy. The perfect threading and amazing style of this saree make it a choice for a wedding.

Traditional Kanjeevaram sarees

Traditional Kanjeevaram sarees
Traditional Kanjeevaram sarees

These silk-based sarees have a very rich texture perfect enough for poojas and rituals. The stunning look and attractive fabric make it the choice of many ladies. These sarees have been very popular among girls for ages.

Plain Kanjeevaram sarees

Plain Kanjeevaram sarees
Plain Kanjeevaram sarees

These sarees are perfect for casual and semi-casual events as it is not worked highly and these amazing looking sarees are very much comfortable for long hours also.

Where to buy Kanjeevaram sarees

The textile info media has all the details about the best Kanjeevaram sarees wholesalers of these sarees at their best price or quality of the material.

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