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Paithani Sarees – The Elegant style of saree from Maharashtra

Paithani Sarees: The Elegant style of saree from Maharashtra

Paithani sarees originated from Maharashtra and is loved by all Marathi females. The look of this saree is super elegant and fashionable. The style is very much famous and popular among the girls of today’s generation. This saree is accepted with love by not Maharashtrian ladies but also females of another region of India. The price range of this saree is also comfortable. Textile info media is an online portal that can help you with details of suppliers and manufacturers of such saree. You must try this amazing looking saree for traditional and festive events.

History of Paithani Sarees

This saree is made first in Paithan town in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India. This saree was first made by hands only, and the effort shines amazingly on this saree. Nowadays Nashik, Maharashtra is a major hub for producing this saree. The people from ancient times adore this saree very much. The females for ages love to wear this amazing and super stunning style of saree. This saree has made the same impact on girls of today’s generation. The beginning of draping this saree has won the heart of many ladies and since then our great grandmothers passed this culture to us.

The Facts about Paithani saree

The Paithani sarees has stunning and fabulous draping style. The look is perfectly elegant and traditional. The fantastic quality material and fresh colours add extra stars to this beautiful saree. This saree is really comfortable for long hours and easy to carry in every season. The base fabric used to make this saree is silk and cotton, both the fabrics are trendy and comfy. The silk fabric gives it a smooth and slippery texture, while cotton sarees from cotton fabric gives it a soft and comfortable material. This beautiful outfit is perfect for any traditional and festive event. Add this amazing ethnic attire to your collection and flaunt confidently.

The Making

The Paithani sarees is made of silk threads. These threads are dyeable. The making of this saree includes soaking these silk threads and then adding them to the loom for dyeing followed by a weaving process. This saree is made with hands and prepared under observation. The process of making this saree is time and energy-consuming. The efforts are given to make this saree perfect looking for many functions and events. The dyeing process is repeatable for 3 to 4 times to ensure colour quality. Nowadays the production or making of this saree is taking place in the Nashik region of Maharashtra. 

Paithani saree: Everything to Know About

This Paithani sarees is very much amazing and fabulous looking. This saree is loved by females of all generations. The comfort and lightweight of this saree is body friendly. This attire is beautiful enough to attract people easily. The price range of this saree is varying from less to high expensive according to its colours, making process, quality and work done on it. You can check the price of this saree online via textile info media, where you can get an idea about the actual rate of this saree. This popular Maharashtrian saree is a must-have in the ethnic wear collection.

The Top Trend in Paithani Sarees

Paithani Sarees - The Elegant style of saree from Maharashtra

The best way to get noticed is by wearing trendy outfits, the Paithani sarees is the most popular and stunning looking saree that is famous among females. These sarees are trending because of their elegant and stylish look. The fabric that is used to make the Paithani sarees is silk and this silk material gives it the perfect trendy texture and lustre. The pure Paithani sarees is the pride of Maharashtrian women. This saree is always on a list of the latest and trending ethnic attire in the textile market. The perfect draping style of this saree is different from other draping styles and that makes it a more attractive saree.

Choosing the best from so many collections is a very difficult task and needs perfect knowledge about fabric and fashion style. Here we are your guide to choosing some best Paithani sarees that are listed below.

Brocade Paithani sarees

This saree is super elegant looking and perfect for many functions and events. The shiny colours add extra charm to this saree. The brocade looks perfect on silk fabric and the amazing blousing style gives it a more beautiful look.

Bengali Mor Paithani sarees

The meaning of this saree style is a peacock in bangle, Bangadi meaning bangle and more means peacock. This style is very traditional looking. The style looks perfect for any traditional and festive look.

The Dhoti style saree

This style has the perfect combination of the main saree part with an amazing border. The highly rich border gives it a super amazing style that you can wear on wedding functions, festive events and traditional events.

Where to buy Paithani Sarees

This stunning looking saree is easily available in the market and you can also check the best details about manufacturers, paithani sarees wholesalers and suppliers of this saree. You can also check the availability, fabric details, colour options and price of this saree via this online platform.

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