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Nauvari Sarees – The Pride of Maharashtrian Female

This saree style originated from Maharashtra, this saree is the pride of Marathi females. The draping style of this saree is similar to the Maharashtrian dhoti style. This saree is also known as kaashtha, which means the saree style that can be tied at the backside. The meaning of Nauvari sarees means nine yards as this saree is carried with nine single-yard cloths. These sarees are very much famous with Maharashtrian people and have their own cultural values. It represents the Maratha tradition. Textile info media has details about the suppliers, manufactures, and wholesalers of this saree. you can check the availability of this saree there.

Nauvari Sarees: The Pride of Maharashtrian Female

History of Nauvari Sarees

At the beginning of draping this saree is stated since times of Maratha rule, females of the royal families of Maharashtra were used to wear this saree and flaunt in confidence, it represents the Indian and Maharashtrian culture for ages. The sarees are loved by every single lady for a very long time. The style got famous in ancient times also. The royalty of this saree is sustained in today’s time as much as it was in the past. These sarees are known as the pride of Marathi women since the beginning of Maharashtrian culture. Every generation of Maharashtra has accepted this royal and amazing saree with all the love.

The facts about Nauvari Sarees

This saree has a very unique style of wearing, the wearing style of this saree is not regular and common. The style includes different sub-styles also, the draping style is based on regional areas. The Brahmani wear this saree in a regular manner, but Aagri females wear it only knee-length. The farmer women wear this saree in a nine-yard style that is uprati style of saree. The main fabric used for this saree is silk. The silk material gives it a perfectly shiny and royal look that makes this saree extra charming and stunning. This traditional saree is breath-taking and can get the whole attention once you wear it.

The Making

These sarees are made with so much effort and with attention to the details. This saree is very much complex to make and also time-consuming. Every single part such as blouse, border, and main saree is made with all the care and concentration. The golden yellow thread work is one of the best parts of making this saree, which gives it an elegant look. This saree is 9 yards long and means 8.23 meters. The reason for making this saree this long is its draping style. The style is made very unique and comfortable to wear.

Nauvari Sarees – Everything to Know about

These sarees are very much famous in Maharashtra. The fabric is super comfortable and the draping style is also relaxing. This style of saree is useful for longer runs. You can wear it for long hours as the dhoti style of saree is comfortable to the body. The price range has a vast range, starting from the lowest price of 1500 to the maximum pricing range is 5000 per saree. This variation of pricing range is due to the fabric used, the color added, and work done on it. You can check the online price of this nauvari sarees via textile info media, it will show the actual price of this saree style.

The Top Trend in Nauvari sarees

Nauvari Sarees - The Pride of Maharashtrian Female

This saree has always been in trend because of its popularity, this saree is very much famous because many times celebrities are seen wearing this style and promote this outfit tremendously. Many times Madhuri Dixit, the greatest fashion influencer, Shilpa Shetty, the fashion diva are seen wearing this stunning saree style and look fabulous with their look. The trend of this saree will never fade because of its long-lasting material. The quality of the material used to make this saree is always best. The college-going and office-going girls also find this saree attractive and ready to wear on relatable events.

The Most Popular different types of Nauvari sarees

This Nauvari sarees has so many different styles of wearing, choosing the best one is always confusing. Here are some popular types of this saree style that you can add to your ethnic wear collections.

Brahmani Nauvari sarees

This saree is a lovely and decent-looking type of Nauvari sarees, the look is perfect for so many functions and events. This style is very trendy and comfy.

Tamil looking Nauvari sarees

This saree has a south Indian touch with the Maharashtrian look. This saree is perfect for traditional events and occasions. These sarees have a perfect style and super comfort.

Cotton Nauvari sarees

This saree is beautiful looking and easy to wear for long hours. This saree is very attractive and has its own style of draping. This long saree is perfect for the festive season.

Bridal Nauvari sarees

The look of this saree is very heavy and elegant. The perfectly detailed work on this saree makes it the choice of many girls to wear it on wedding days.

Where to buy Nauvari sarees?

Textile info media has all the accurate details about manufacturers, nauvari sarees wholesalers, and supplies of this saree, you can check the color options, fabric quality, and price range of this saree also at this online platform.

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