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Ikat Sarees – The Beautifully designed saree style

So, the wonderful ladies around the world, we know there are a number of dressing styles available that we are not aware of. In this blog, we are going to talk about the Ikat sarees; one of the most elegant and graceful sarees we have in India. The origin of these sarees is Orissa. The love of ladies for this saree is somewhat different because of its classy and stunning look. here in this blog. We are going to discuss all the important details about Ikat sarees, such as trending ones, Price value and its best suppliers in your cities. 

Ikat Sarees: The Beautifully designed saree style

The History of Ikat Sarees

Ikat is one of the finest arts on fabric for ages. The craftsmen are showing their amazing talent for ancient times. The process of making this saree was popular around the world and has the same popularity it continues to date. The art of dying this fabric got its impact around America, Africa and Asia. This beautiful technique has taken all the hearts of women of many generations. The beginning of this ikat Karigari is said to date back to the 12th century. The Orissa people in the 12th century got this finest art after people from Patan, Gujarat migrated to Orissa. 

The Facts about Ikat Sarees

This amazing looking saree is most comfortable and not very easy to carry because of its heavy look and detailed work on it. The look is made perfectly amazing for traditional functions and festive celebrations. This saree style is known as the pride of the people of Gujarat and Orissa. The fabrics that are used to make these sarees are generally silk and cotton. Both the parent fabric has its own positive factors. Cotton provides a smooth and light-weighted texture while silk material has shiny and attractive lustre. This perfect look is all set to upgrade your fashion library and makes you flaunt with confidence.

The Making

The process of making this saree is somewhat different as the ikat designs or patterns are dyes before the saree got weaved which is generally different from other weaving processes. Cotton and silk are the two most used fabrics to make this wonderful saree. The making of this process is a bit time consuming and a lot of effort. The making of this saree started with a dying process with natural colours to make it body friendly; mostly the colours that are used to make this saree are extracted from trees, plants and flowers. Then it was air-dried under the sunny rays. After completion of such a process, the weaving process starts to make the fabric strong and tighten.

Ikat Sarees: Everything to Know About

The Ikat sarees are famous among the ladies because of their unique look and traditional touch. The look of this saree is attractive enough to catch the eyes of others. The best part of these sarees is the detailed work done throughout the saree, the double Ikat sarees are something that you can wear from both sides. This amazing art on fabric is a bit expensive. The price value of this saree is high because of its royalty and unique style. The making process is also very tricky.

The Top Fashion in Ikat Sarees

This beautiful saree has a perfect look and amazing fittings. This saree style is suitable for any body type. The attractive part of this saree is its colours and fabulous texture. The trend of wearing this saree has started since the king’s rule in India and has the same impact in today’s time. girls get easily attracted to its beauty and flaunt comfortably and confidently with this amazing saree style. It has created a huge impact in the textile market for ages. The style of wearing these sarees will not fade for the next many decades.  You must add this amazing style of saree to your wardrobe collection and try for the next event.

The Most Popular Different Types of Ikat Sarees

Ikat Sarees - The Beautifully designed saree style

The Ikat sarees has so many designs that it makes us super confused about making the best choice of them. The colours, shades, designs and patterns should be chosen on the basis of popularity and trendy style. Here are some latest collections of these sarees listed below that are trending in 2021.

Cotton Based Ikat Sarees

These beautiful sarees are perfectly smooth and decent. This sober style of saree is perfect for many functions and occasions. The look is much appreciated by young girls.

Silk Based Ikat Sarees

The super glossy and shiny style of this saree is perfect for weddings and festive seasons. The rich and royal look of this saree makes it a preferable choice for many women.

Double Ikat patola Sarees

This saree style is said to be the pride of Gujarat. The Gujarati females wear it at important functions and events.

Where to buy an Ikat Sarees?

Textile Info media has all the important details about the best manufactures, suppliers and Ikat sarees wholesalers of these sarees. You can also check the price range of these sarees via this online platform, along with that you can check the availability and colour options of these sarees there.

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