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Chikan Sarees – The Beautifully High-Lighted Embroidered Saree Style

Hello, gorgeous ladies, we Indian women love to wear sarees and diversity in India’s clothing style is very beneficial so that we can try on a number of different styles of attires. Chikan Sarees are one of them. These beautiful sarees have made all of us mesmerized with their stunning look. The attire is really attractive and beautiful enough to catch the eyes of everyone. This beautiful saree style originated from Lucknow.

This elegant thread work on fabric is one of the unique arts on fabric and promoted by many celebrities. This perfect-looking saree is a must-try in 2021. Textile info media has further details about the best suppliers of this saree, that you can buy these sarees from them at its best price.

Chikan Sarees: The Beautifully High-Lighted Embroidered Saree Style

The History of Chikan Sarees

Chikan has always been one of the best fashion styles in the Indian textile market. This beautiful saree style is basically from Lucknow. This amazing embroidery art on fabric was popular among the Royal families. In Mughal’s era, queens used to wear these beautiful saree styles. The work of embroidery on fabric was known as Chikankari and is popular till today with the same name. The wife of great Jahangir the king in Mughal’s era, his wife Noor Jahan has introduced this amazing art of Chikan to India and since then the impact of this saree has taken all the hearts.

The Facts about Chikan Sarees

This beautiful saree has so many breath-taking facts that can make you love this piece of dressing style. The craftsmen make unique and detailed designs with a lot of dedication and effort, these designs are always new and traditional, representing the rich culture of India and Pakistan both are illustrated on fabric beautifully. The fabrics that are used to make these sarees are cotton, silk, georgette, crepe and chiffon, such fabric is unique in its own way that makes it look super amazing and easy to carry for the whole day. Eye-catchy colours and patterns of embroidery are a must check dressing style.

The Making

The fabric and colour that are chosen for Chikan are very light and bright respectively to highlight the Chikankari on fabric. the process of making Chikan sarees is as follow

Designing – In most cases the amazing designs with threads are done on white plain cotton cloth. Sometimes different bright colours and light fabrics are used such as silk and georgette.

Etching – This process is high lighting the embroidery work and making it more visible and more attractive.

Block printing – This process is finalizing the designs and making its blocks by repeating them in a regular manner on saree.

Dyeing process – this beautifully embroidered designed saree is then dyed in a particular colour to give it perfect finishing and attractive look. This process of dying is repeated for severe times and the colours used are natural to make it body friendly.

Drying – After completing all the processes this fabric is air-dried in heat or with sunny rays to tighten the saree and to give it perfect strength.

The Chikan Sarees – Everything to Know about:

This fabulous style from Lucknow, India has taken all the charm into it. This stunning saree style is perfect for any function and occasion. The traditional look of this saree is very attractive and breathtaking. This raw embroidery fabric is a bit expensive but beautiful enough to invest valuable money into it. You can check the online price of this saree via textile info media so that you can get an idea about the actual price range of such sarees.

The Top Trend in Chikan Sarees

The Chikan sarees is trending in the 16th century and has the same impact on all of us. The bright colours are trending more nowadays. females of today’s generation show eternal love towards this beautiful saree style. The elegant, rich and royal look of this saree is matched with no other dressing style. this beautiful saree style you must add into your ethnic wear collection and flaunt confidently,

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The Most Popular Different type of Chikan Sarees

These amazing saree styles have many types, here are some awesome styles of these sarees listed below that you must try in this modern era.

Georgette based Chikan Sarees

This saree style is perfect for any function. The bright colours and perfect embroidery give it a mesmerizing look of the attire.

Partywear Chikan sarees

This super stylish and dashing saree style is trending nowadays. This look of saree is perfect for the females who love to drape the saree most of the time.

Silk-based Chikan Sarees

This super stylish and glossy look of saree is perfect for ceremony celebration and festive season. This saree style is super attractive and beautiful. Add this to your wardrobe collection and wear it for the next event.

Where to Buy a Chikan Sarees?

This beautiful saree style is easily available in the market, you can check the best manufactures, suppliers and chikan sarees wholesalers of your cities via an online platform called textile info media. You can also check the availability and its best price range.

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