Bandhani Sarees – The fashion statement of from Gujarat

Bandhani Sarees
Bandhani Sarees: The fashion statement of from Gujarat

The Bandhani sarees originated from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Bandhani saree is very artistic. The designs and patterns are really unique and famous in all other regions of India. The Bandhani sarees have very different styles of patterns and designs, such as Gota style, Chandrakala style, etcetera style and bavan baug style. The majorly used colours for Such sarees are maroon, bottle green, yellow, red, dark green and evergreen black colour.

The Bandhani sarees are based on the dyeing process, the fabric is dyeable and designs are printed via dyes. Thus, the colour combinations look so elegant and perfect. The efforts are purely handcrafted. The colours used in Bandhani sarees are very natural and safe. Textile info media has the best details about Bandhani Sarees manufacturers and suppliers near your area. Please check it to know about the quality and its price.

History to Bandhani saree

Bandhani sarees are very famous since the easy stages of Indus civilizations. The trend of dyeing clothes was famous from that time. The first Bandhani sarees designs are observed during the 6th century, the unique Bandhani painting on the wall of a cave at Ajanta. The painting is really amazing and awesome. Getting inspired from that, the fabric painting was started. In India, the painting of such art on fabric is very much famous among all the generations.

This Rajasthani originate Bandhani saree was the first word on royal weddings by the queen at some wedding functions. It is also believed in Gujarat and Rajasthan that wearing such a saree brings happiness into the bride’s life

Facts about Bandhani saree

The Bandhani karigari is basically obtained by the kutch and Saurashtra people. They give their hearts to make this beautiful amazing saree. The design on these sarees are most common and that are tiny little dots. The size of these dots can be varying from small to large.

These dots are made by the dying process and then called by different names according to the size such as chowkidar, Ghar Chola and Chandrakala and other verities. Other than Gujarat, Bandhani work is famous in Rajasthan also. It has its own unique patterns and designs. These royal sarees are not very expensive. You can get the idea of the best pricing range via textile info media. You can check the Bandhani saree online shopping pricing here.

The making

The Bandhani saree is made by combining the small dots on dyed fabric and making it look perfect and awesome. The designs are made with finger art and expertise but in many regions of Rajasthan, the artists and designers use different objects to make perfect and unique designs the making of bandhanI saree is not much tough but this detailed artwork consumes more time than the fabric used to make Bandhani saree is cotton, silk, georgette etc. The knots are combined strongly and the fabric material gets dyes so many times. The beautiful prints and designs make it a more charming and beautiful looking saree.

Bandhani sarees – Everything to know about

Sometimes Bandhani saree is a small home business, women from rural areas work at home to make such beautiful saree designs. In Gujarat, Anjar, Bhuj, Rajkot, Jamnagar, mandhvi and Jetpur are the main cities in Gujarat where people make and supply such sarees. The Bhuj is very well known for the red Bandhani saree.  The Bandhani dying majorly happens in this city. The Bandhani sarees also have ritual beliefs. They found this saree very much blessed for brides in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Textile info media has the best information about suppliers of such sarees, it also has details about fabric and its best price.

Top trend in Bandhani sarees

This Bandhani saree has been trending for ages. You will never get disappointed with its looks and amazing texture. The fabric is more luxurious and comfortable. These sarees are perfect for all the social meetups, get to gatherings, events and parties. The draping style of this Bandhani saree is also different from the style of sarees. Try such a beautiful saree from some best manufactures and rock the event confidently.

There are some different styles of Bandhani sarees available in the market, here are some suggestions for you that you can try in 2021.

Cotton based Bandhani sarees

Cotton based Bandhani saree
Cotton based Bandhani saree

These sarees are so comfortable and easy for longer hours. These Bandhani cotton sarees are also comfortable during travelling hours. Women also wear this saree on a regular basis for the whole day.

Silk based Bandhani sarees

Silk based Bandhani saree
Silk based Bandhani saree

This Bandhani silk saree is super shiny and glossy, which makes it perfect for parties and functions. The texture is very much smooth and luxurious. It has very lightweight and fabulous comfort.

Where to buy a Bandhani saree?

The textile info media has all the information about the best Bhandhani sarees wholesalers of such saree. You can also get the best Idea about its perfect pricing and quality of material and used fabric. Check this for once and you will find the best place for you to buy these amazing Bandhani sarees.

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