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Velvet Sarees – The Most Elegant and Royal look of saree style

Do you want to know more about best velvet sarees? Velvet is a very old fabric material known to men. This amazing and fabulous fabric style is unique and different from any other material. It has a unique thickness and heavy look that makes it look amazing and perfect enough to catch the heat. It doesn’t require many accessorized works as the fabric is enough to look rich and royal. The fabric is perfect for many traditional as well as casual functions. Many bridal wears are made of this amazing style of fabric. textile info media has all the details about the best suppliers of this amazing saree style.

Velvet Sarees - The Most Elegant and Royal look of saree style

The History of Velvet sarees

The origin of this fabric is Kashmir since a very long, the history of this sarees tailor takes us far back in ancient times during the rule of Mughals. The royalty of this fabric is hidden from no one, and royal families love to wear this amazing style of fabric to flaunt in its rich royalty. It was mostly exported to Europe, Mali, and Iberia from Cairo because once it was the largest producer of Velvet fabric. Many Arabian rulers have promoted the beauty of this saree and made a huge impact on people. It has loosed its charm in today’s time but in many places, velvet is still the preferable choice because of its royal look.

The Facts About Velvet

Velvet has been a very well-known saree to every generation. The perfect thickness and strong fabric are very rare to find. This fabric style is less comfortable for longer hours because of this thickness. But this look is also helpful and amazing to make bridal wear. The fabric has moderated weight due to accessorized work done on it. It has a special and looms fabric style that is perfect for any traditional and royal function. This style of saree looks perfectly elegant and perfect ornaments give it an amazing charm that makes it the most attractive dressing style on the earth.

The Making

The velvet is made from silk fabric, most of the velvet sarees available today are made from a mixture of rayon and silk. The special looms are prepared to make this amazing style of saree. Cotton is also used to make the velvet sarees but the results are less favorable and it gives less luxurious fabric. The velvet can also be made from other fabrics such as linen, wool, and mohair. Recently synthetic velvet has also been made and looks perfect for many functions and occasions. The base fabric to make the velvet sarees is chosen based on the thickness and strength required to make the saree and the use of that attire according to the different functions.

The Velvet Sarees: Everything to Know about

The velvet sarees is having a moderate weight that you can carry for several hours, the saree has a very rich look and a tricky process to produce, because of that it is very expensive. The price range of this saree is a bit high but it is worth enough to invest money in this beautiful and amazing style of draping the saree. the cleaning and maintaining process of velvet is also a bit difficult but modern dry-cleaning processes have made it easy for everyone. You can check the online price of this beautiful saree via textile info media.

The Top Trend in velvet Sarees

The velvet sarees has perfect finishing and is suitable for all body types. This area is trendy because of its amazing royal look and thick texture. The saree style is perfect for winters and rainy days. The perfect warmth of this saree is helpful against the cold and many functions from October to January. The draping style of this saree also makes it famous among young and mid-aged females. You must add this to your ethnic wear collection to upgrade your fashion style.

The Most Popular and different types of velvet sarees

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The best velvet sarees are available in the market and you can choose according to your taste in fashion. Here are some amazing styles of sarees listed below which are based on velvet that you can try for your next functions.

Partywear Velvet sarees

This saree has a perfectly shiny and amazing look. The style is famous among ladies of all age groups. Dark colors are most preferable for this category.

The silk-based Velvet sarees

This style has so much comfort and an amazing look. The saree is perfect for many traditional and cultural celebrations.

Velvet sarees with accessorized work

Many accessorized works can be done on velvet fabric to add extra charm to its beauty. Stonework, mirror work, and embroidery work are most popular nowadays.

Net velvet Sarees

This saree style is so stunning and gives a perfect classy look. This amazing fusion of velvet and net is very unique and super stylish attire.

Where to buy Velvet Sarees

The online platform called textile info media has all the details about the best manufactures, suppliers, and velvet sarees wholesalers of your cities, you can also check the best price of such saree there.

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