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Easy Styling Tricks to Wear Ruffle Sarees for Getting A Unique Look

Easy Styling Tricks to Wear Ruffle Sarees for Getting A Unique Look
Easy Styling Tricks to Wear Ruffle Sarees for Getting A Unique Look

Ruffle sarees are currently immensely popular in India. Every woman can look marvellous and attractive in super stylish ruffle sarees. For any kind of special occasion like weddings, festivals and parties, fashionable ruffle sarees are the best options for all fashionable ladies to be the show stealer. Additionally, you may have seen how many models and popular Bollywood celebrities have donned in alluring ruffle sarees on various occasions, award shows, fashion shows, movies and serials.

You too can get a celebrity-like appearance if you style your ruffle saree in a unique and attractive way. For all fashionistas, we have mentioned some wonderful styling hacks to wear ruffle sarees. So, in case you are struggling to style a ruffle saree, then scroll down to know some best styling tricks to wear ruffle sarees

How to Style A Ruffle Saree to Look Fashionable?

The greatest method to recreate the classic look is wearing a chic ruffle saree. An alluring ruffle saree can make the wearer look so alluring, unique and chic. By donning this beautiful saree, you can give your ethnic beauty a contemporary and daring style. Ruffle sarees are draped differently than regular sarees. If you try to drape this one like other sarees, it may damage your style statement. These sarees are very much distinctive from other sarees. Hence you must be cautious when draping these unique sarees.
Also, you can easily become the centre of attraction or the head turner at a cocktail party or a Christmas or New Year’s party, if you style it in some unique ways. Nowadays, several Bollywood celebs are spotted styling ruffle sarees in various attractive ways to look alluring. If you also wish to be a bold and magnificent diva at a special event, then follow our style advice to wear ruffle sarees. For assisting you in styling your fashionable ruffle saree, we have given some trendy and super cool tricks to style ruffle sarees perfectly. 

1. Add A Fashionable Belt 

Add A Fashionable Belt
Add A Fashionable Belt

Flaunt your Indo-Western style statement by adding a metallic or embellished belt with your stylish ruffle saree. Wearing a belt around your waist with ruffle saree can give you a contemporary look. Adding a belt over a ruffle saree helps the  saree to be perfectly draped around your body and display your silhouette beautifully. 

This is the most well-liked and best styling trick to wear ruffle sarees. There are various options available for belts such as designer belts, simple metallic belts, embroidered belts and so on. Spruce up your party look by wearing a fashionable belt with a stylish ruffle saree.

2. Wear Stylish but Minimal Accessories

Wear Stylish but Minimal Accessories

Wearing simple yet stylish accessories with ruffle sarees is another useful trick to style ruffle sarees beautifully and it will make a lady look fabulous on various special occasions such as weddings and parties. Ruffle sarees are so much alluring and their attractive ruffle patterns are enough to make you look so gorgeous. So, you do not need to wear gorgeous jewellery with your ruffle saree to style it. Adding a simple yet stylish statement accessory can transform the entire look of your saree. 

You can appear stunning by wearing a simple and stylish neckpiece, a bracelet, bangles or ring. If you are going to a gorgeous wedding ceremony, you can go for some embellished Jhumkas or a pair of brilliant studs to style your ruffle saree.

3. Try the Nivi Style Draping 

Try the Nivi Style Draping

Although Nivi style saree draping is considered as a traditional draping, this style is still popular and is loved by so many modern ladies also. You will get a retro look by using this retro styling tip to wear ruffle sarees. You may give this style a more oomph by pleating it up-down. 

You must try this retro-style ruffle saree draping method if you love retro and classic look. Draping your ruffle saree in this traditional method will make you stand out right away at a wedding function, festival or even at a cocktail party and office party as well.

4. Tuck the Saree’s Border over A Handcuff 

Tuck the Saree's Border over A Handcuff

This one is the most unique styling hack to wear ruffle sarees and we ensure that you will easily become the alluring diva and a head turner. You can envelop the wrists in your basic, sheer saree and tuck the border under the shackle. This drape defies expectations and is eccentric. If you want to wear this drape to nighttime events or wedding receptions, it will also offer you a feminine appearance.


So, next time you are thinking of wearing a ruffle saree for a special event, try to follow these easy steps to style a ruffle saree in the most unique way so that you can be the showstopper of that event.