Best Summer Saree Fabrics for A Cool and Pleasant Summer

Best Summer Saree Fabrics for A Cool and Pleasant Summer
Best Summer Saree Fabrics for A Cool and Pleasant Summer

Summer has already arrived and because of the sweltering heat everyone wants to wear some comfy and cool clothing in order to stay comfortable. We feel like wearing only shorts and comfy t-shirts whenever we go outside in summer. But that is not possible every time as we have to go to our workplaces or several occasions where we need to wear some classy outfits. Saree is the best option for all seasons if you want to look classy always. 

There are a huge variety of breathable summer saree fabrics available that bring utmost comfort in summer days as well make you look elegant and classy. All the summer saree fabrics are lightweight and soft, can soak the sweat quickly and give you a breezy vibe all day long. We will tell you today about some most comfortable summer saree fabrics that will help you beat the scorching heat.

Most Popular and Soft Fabrics for Summer Sarees You Can Try to Get Comfort

Breathable summer saree fabrics can change the hot environment within a minute. Because of their extreme breathability, air can be passed so easily through them and your body can get enough coolness. Almost all summer saree fabrics are completely natural and hand-made and thus they do not harm your skin like some synthetic fabrics. Because of the lightness of summer saree fabrics, summer sarees can be carried very easily. 

Some most popular, comfortable and classy summer saree fabrics are cotton, linen, khadi, sheer and so on that can make your summer saree comfortable, soft as well as elegant. These fabrics come in various delicate tones or attractive prints that will give you a graceful and aristocratic appearance during hot climate. Here are the best summer saree fabrics that will give you a breezy vibe and an elegant look as well. 

1. Cotton

Cotton saree

The comfiest and widely-used natural summer saree fabric is cotton. This soft fabric is made of fibrous balls that are extracted from cotton plants. Cotton saree fabric is remarkably and globally famous due to its extreme softness, breathability, and lightness. It has several tiny hollows on it that help air to pass through the fabric keep the wearer’s body cool. The breeziness and comfort it gives to the wearer, no other fabric can beat that. 

One of the greatest features of cotton fabric is that it absorbs sweat very quickly and you can enjoy a sweat-free summer wearing a cotton saree. Although cotton is so soft, it is extremely durable as well and the color of the fabric cannot fade easily. Cotton is so versatile and the cheapest fabric among all. Therefore, designers create a large variety of cotton sarees using this fabric that are best to wear in summer and give you a sophisticated look. From formal to casual and special occasions, cotton is perfect for all occasions. 

2. Linen

Linen saree

Linen is a well-known and trending summer saree fabric due to its softness, elegance and durability. This is also a pure natural fabric and the source of this fabric is faux plant. Compared to cotton, linen is a more heat-conductive and stronger fabric. This is considered to be the most ancient but evergreen fabric that will never become backdated. 

Because it is strong and breathable, linen is now a very common fabric after cotton for Indian sarees. Summertime is a perfect time to wear linen sarees. Linen fabric is available in some elegant tones and wearing a linen saree, you will surely achieve a classy and edgy appearance. This airy and light weight summer saree fabric is widely used to make formal wear, casual wear and festive wear sarees. You can even wear a linen saree at your office to get a sober and formal look. 

3. Khadi

Khadi saree

Khadi is an ancient hand-woven fabric with a distinctive weave. This ancient summer Khadi saree fabric offers the most comfort possible. During the time of freedom-fighting, Khadi fabric was introduced by Mahatma Gandhi and since that era it has gained considerable popularity in India. 

Those who love to wear Indian handloom sarees, Khadi sarees are the perfect option for them. There is nothing better than khadi sarees if you wish to look aristocratic. The fabric’s breathability will keep you so cool. Khadi sarees are best to wear at your office, at a formal party, or even on a wedding occasion as well. 

4. Sheer 

Sheer saree

One of the most appealing summer saree fabrics that is in vogue these days is the sheer fabric. British has first made use of this fabric in India and now it has become the most favourite summer saree fabric of all modern ladies, Bollywood celebs and fashionistas. Because of its little transparency, this fabric can make you look extremely appealing and seductive. 

Unlike other heavy materials, this fabric won’t stick to the body which is the best thing about this fabric. Sheer fabric is extremely lightweight also and because of this carrying this saree is very easy. Even it is also very simple to drape. With the right styling, you can wear a sheer saree on any special occasion, especially at a party. 

Wrap Up

If you are going outside everyday and troubling to get comfort in summer, then you can try any of these comfortable summer saree fabrics in order to beat the scorching heat. These above-mentioned fabrics are the ideal option if you want an easy breezy vibe on hot days.

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