Silk cotton sarees – The Preferable Choice of all Beautiful ladies

Silk is known as a major fabric in the textile industry, and cotton is known as a very comfortable fabric in the textile industry. We can say Silk fabric is the King of the textile industry while cotton is its queen. The mixture of such fabric looks very nice and is so comfortable to wear. 

History of Silk Cotton sarees

During the mid-18th century, the two fabric materials were tried to combine to get the outcome of positive qualities of both fabrics. This attempt was made to save both raw fabrics and to get some innovative products. Therefore, the two best fibres; cotton and silk have been used for experiment and the best outcome we have got is Silk cotton fabric and it became most popular among other fusions or combinations of different fabrics.

This fused fabric has the quality of smooth texture, shiny look and pleasing volume like silk, and Quality of light weighted volume, or comfort like cotton. Later this fabric started to make sarees also. This fusion was very much accepted by all the women who love to wear saree for the whole day on a daily basis.  

silk cotton sarees
Silk cotton sarees: The Preferable Choice of all Beautiful ladies

Facts about Silk cotton sarees

Silk cotton sarees manufacturers is a fused product of two amazing fabrics. The Saree of such fabric has a high quality of comfort and texture. Making the hybrid fabric is not an easy task, it should have consistency of texture and should maintain the best qualities of both the parent fabrics. These sarees are way amazing and beautiful. The Indian lady would always like to have comfy and stable clothes, this hybrid product is something that helps in heat days as well as cold days.

This saree looks fabulous and very easy to carry for the whole day. You can wear this saree on your travels. You must try such a unique combination at least once. This amazing style saree is supplied by the best manufacturers on textile info media website, you can have a look to upgrade your fashion style yourself this super easy, stunning and beautiful saree. 

The making of Silk cotton Sarees

The purity of hybrid fabric is dependent on its manufacturing, the ratio of mixing the two different fibers is not always the same. Sometimes it is 90% silk and 10% cotton-based products which have a nice texture and shiny look, the other time it is 10% silk and 90% cotton-based products to make the hybrid product more comfortable and lighter weighted.

These amazing ratios are dependent on the choice of customer and flexibility of fibers. These hybrid sarees are very much cool and stylish to wear. You can wear this saree in any function and can easily manage for the whole day, it will give you both the quality of shiny smooth and flexible texture. These silk cotton sarees are very airy as well. 

Silk cotton: Everything to know about

Silk cotton sarees are not easily available everywhere, as these hybrid sarees take more effort and time to manufacture or to prepare. These sarees should be perfectly dyeable and texture should be perfectly blended, the experts put a lot of care into delivering accurate hybrid sarees. 

The perfect texture

The texture of this silk cotton sarees should be Flawless. This fabric is very much body friendly. You don’t feel irritation or itching while wearing this saree. The material is really smooth and even. The silk cotton sarees wholesaler is very glossy fabric material which is all perfect for every occasion. You must add this in your wardrobe collection to pick for any function. 

The Blend texture

These cotton silk fabrics should be perfectly blended into each other to fully fill the purpose of great hybrid fabric. The even blended cotton silk saree is very easy to carry and you can really flaunt it in this comfortable saree.

Top Fashion Trend in Silk Cotton Sarees

Nowadays people prefer to wear simple and sober clothing styles and silk cotton perfectly matches with this requirement and thus it is trending most in today’s time. The extra comfort and its luxurious look make it the top choice of females and make it on top in the textile market. The fashion-conscious females always go with perfect outfits, and cotton silk fabric is one of the choices of such people. 

Most Popular different type of Silk cotton Sarees

The cotton silk sarees is taking the place in the textile market nowadays. The sarees are becoming popular among beautiful ladies. Here are some latest sarees listed below which fall under the category of cotton silk saree

The Banarasi silk cottons

Banarasi silk cotton
Banarasi silk cotton

This Banarasi silk cotton is very famous among ladies nowadays. It looks perfect on wearing and has great texture. This style is all perfect for events and traditional functions. 

The south silk cotton

This south silk cotton is another beautiful piece of saree you must try. The texture is very shiny and smooth. This look is perfect for evening parties and festivals.

The Chanderi silk cotton

Chanderi silk cotton
Chanderi silk cotton

Oh!! The awesome look of this chanderi silk cotton makes it the top choice of all beautiful ladies. The fine detailed work and fresh color of this sarees are perfect for functions.  

Where to buy Silk cotton Sarees

Silk cotton Sarees
Silk cotton Sarees

Please check out some new collections of these amazing collections on textile info media site, our site is providing you the details of the best manufacturers or wholesalers who supply  the best collection at its best price.  The awesome collection here will satisfy all of your requirements. 

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