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Pattu Sarees – the best saree style from south India

The simple meaning of Pattu sarees is silk saree, in the south Indian language. This saree was first introduced by a female television star in a daily soap. The popularity of this saree started since then and has had the greatest impact on females to date. This amazing-looking saree is the love of all the ladies. This saree is a cultural representative of south Indian tradition and the most stunning look of saree.

It has perfect decency, sober style, and an amazing shiny look. This comfortable saree style is a preferable choice for many functions. Textile info media has all the important details about this beautiful saree that you can try for many functions.

Pattu Sarees: the best saree style from south India

The history of Pattu sarees

The history of this saree goes far back in Hindu mythology. It is said that this saree is also worn by characters of Mahabharat and Ramayana. The elegance of royalty of this saree started making its impact long ago. The females of ancient times love to wear this saree. The females of south Indian royal families flaunt in this saree style. The most cultural and traditional look of this saree is always appreciated by the world. The legacy of draping this amazing saree is style passed from generation to generation. It is said that the beginning of wearing this saree was by markanda who weave clothes for God itself.  

The facts about Pattu sarees

Pattu sarees is just another name for Kanjeevaram saree. The look and comfort of this saree are hidden from no one. The perfect fitting and stunning style of this saree always makes this saree on top of the textile market. This saree is loved by all the ladies of all age groups. This royal saree is also perfect for wedding functions and important traditional celebrations.

The best part of this saree is its royal border and touch of golden thread. The look is perfectly amazing and attractive enough to get all the attention of others. Try this amazing silk-based saree for an upcoming event and flaunt it in your best attire.

The Making

For so many years the size of cocoons has increased. The silk is obtained from silkworm cocoons. The raw silk is optimized through a pass-through yarn or weaving process to get the silk sarees. This Pattu sarees is made from this process and gets the best attractive look. The making of this saree is moderate time consuming and needs a lot of expertise to make perfect designs and patterns it. The craftsmen give a lot of effort to make this fabulous saree style. The designer does best accessorized or embroidery work on this saree to make it extra charming and attractive.

Pattu sarees – Everything to Know About

The Pattu sarees are purely based on silk fabric. This fabric gives it an extra shine and a glossy look. The royal border part of this saree is an attractive part of this saree. The making of these two borders and the main part is a different process and then at the end, it was stitched together.

The palla is made very rich and has the finest designs on it. The saree length is long enough to have flared palates. The price of this saree is a bit expensive because the pure fabric is used in it. The quality is good enough to invest money in this amazing style of saree. you can check the online price of this saree via textile info media.

The Top Trend in Pattu sarees

The Pattu sarees are getting the attention of females. Not only south Indian females but also ladies all over India love this saree. The market value of this saree is getting high in the textile market. The super classy and traditional look of this saree makes it a preferable choice for many functions. The amazing texture and luster make it a perfect piece of dressing style. You must try this super stunning and elegant saree look with upcoming function and flaunt in your best attire ever.

The Most Popular Different type of Pattu sarees

best Pattu Sarees manufacturers

When we have so many choice options, we often get confused to get the best one of them. The problem is the same with this saree style. It suits every color and design, getting the best one is always a difficult task. Here are some popular styles of this dress listed below that you may take a look at.

Plain Pattu sarees

The fabric style Is enough heavy to flaunt in a saree, no extra accessory work is required to look amazing with this saree. The simplicity of this saree is the most applicable and perfect choice for many functions.

Bridal Pattu sarees

This saree has been worked finely and designed so elegantly that you will never forget your wedding day. This saree is attractive enough to mesmerize people with its stunning look.

Printed Pattu sarees

The class of this saree is super shiny and perfectly designed for many functional occasions. you must add this to your ethnic wardrobe collections.

Where to buy Pattu sarees?

Textile info media has all the details about the best manufacturers, pattu sarees wholesalers, and suppliers of this saree in your cities. You can also check the best price range of this saree via this online platform.

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