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Maheshwari Sarees – The beautiful saree style from Central India

Maheshwari sarees style are one of the fabulous looking saree styles in India. The amazing zari work and brocade are woven to make it a different style from others. This saree is mostly weaved on Silk or Cotton-based fabric that gives it a perfect look and comfort altogether. The designs that are commonly used to decorate this saree are check, floral, animal prints, and horizontal, vertical strips.

The term Maheshwari sarees comes from a town in Madhya Pradesh Maheshwar, As the origin of this saree is said from this same town. This Maheshwari silk fabric is majorly used to make the Maheshwari sarees. textile info media has all the details about these sarees that you can get a better idea about its price and fabric quality from this online platform.

Maheshwari Sarees: The beautiful saree style from Central India

The History of Maheshwari Silk Sarees

This saree comes into the picture back around the 18th century in Madhya Pradesh, India. This saree perfectly represents Indian culture and values for a long time and has the same concept in today’s time. At the beginning of this saree, the silk fabric was the choice of making this amazing saree but over time cotton fabric has also been chosen to make this saree style to give it more comfort and lightweight. The history for this saree said that queen Ahilyabai was the one who ordered the best craftsmen and made them stitch this classic style of saree made it perfect for any royal function.

The Facts About Maheshwari sarees

This amazing style of saree is designed to make it look perfect for many functions and events. Both the parent fabrics; silk and cotton, are amazingly utilized to make this saree perfect in all aspects. The silk fabric gives it a stunning shiny look while cotton fabric gives it easy comfort and manageable weight. The color options are also an important part of this saree style. The saree style is perfect for any body type and shape, you all the girls can wear this at any sort of function. The draping style of this Maheshwari sarees is also very unique and eye-catching. You can do many hacks with this style of sarees.

The Making

The making of this saree has faced many evolutions. So many experiments and modifications took place to make this saree more stylish yeh traditional. The designers design the saree amazingly with unique accessories. The making of this saree is not much time-consuming but needs experts’ attention and guidance. The production of this saree includes yarn selection, weaving process, dyeing process, and drying process. The final ready material is so elegant that it can attract people easily. Craftsmen take care of the regular brocade block in saree, to give it a perfect manner and classic look.

The Maheshwari Sarees: Everything to Know about

This Maheshwari sarees is called the heart of Madhya Pradesh. The women from this region of India wear this saree style at important functions and events. So many fashion hacks we can do with the draping style of this saree due to its flexible and comfortable texture. The price range of this saree is also in the affordable range, the actual price range you can check at an online platform called textile info media. You must add this graceful and elegant saree to your ethnic wear collection and improve the stylish collection.

The Top Trend in Maheshwari Sarees

This saree style has attracted females of all generations. The popularity of this saree has been at its peak since the time of our great grandmothers. This beautiful legacy of saree style is passed through generations and also accepted with love by all the new generations. This style is also trending because of its ease while carrying this saree. The saree is also comfortable for traveling times. Designs of this saree are also made keeping a new look in mind so that it can maintain its charm in the textile industry for decades.

The Most popular Different types of Maheshwari silk saree

The popularity of this saree has attracted females for ages. The number of options available makes us confused about selecting the best one. Here are some unique and amazing styles of this saree that may help you to select the perfect saree for you.

Chandrakala Maheshwari silk saree

Maheshwari Sarees - The beautiful saree style from Central India

This saree style has a royal border and a plain look. This royal look of the saree is perfect for many functions and celebrations. The dark colors of this saree are most preferable because it gives extra charm to the elegance of this saree.

Baingan Chandrakala Maheshwari sarees

This amazing style of saree is so elegant and royal looking. The palla style and unique border make it perfect for meetups and celebrations. The saree style is perfect for festive and traditional functions.

Chadratara Maheshwari sarees

This Chadratara has a simple and sober look. The style is perfect for functions and traditional events. The look is so pretty that it can catch the attention of others easily.

Where to buy a Maheshwari sarees

Textile info media, the online platform has all the details about amazing maheshwari sarees wholesalers, manufactures, and suppliers of this saree. You can also check the availability and price range of such a saree there.

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