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Kota Doria Sarees – The Evergreen style from Rajasthan

Hi, amazing ladies! Adding amazing stuff to the collection is a different kind of happiness. Kota Doria sarees could be the best addition to your collection. This fabric has the lightest weight and a super comfortable texture. The beauty of this saree lies in its texture and lustre. This fabric is very graceful and stunning looking and also attractive to everyone. This fabric is a fabulous fusion of amazing fabrics such as cotton and silk sarees. Textile info media has all the details about the best suppliers of kota doria sarees, you can also check the price range via this platform. Try this super comfy and trendy saree look to upgrade your saree look.

Kota Doria Sarees: The Evergreen style from Rajasthan

History of Kota Doria Sarees

The origin of this saree is from Kota, Rajasthan. Thus, it has got the name, Kota Doria. The craftsmen from Rajasthan have been doing this artwork on fabric for a very long time. Females have loved to wear this beautiful style of saree for ages. According to history, the Kota Doria was first invented in Mysore in Mughal’s era and then moved to Kota to get the most skilled and talented craftsmen that can make this saree extra charming and attractive. The females of the royal families of Rajasthan were used to wearing this pretty amazing saree style. This saree was only made with two common colours but nowadays with technology many colours and designs are possible to produce.

The Facts about Kota Doria Sarees

This Kota saree is very lightweight and comfortable for whole days. This saree is perfect for both working women of Housewives. You can wear this for whole days in any season without getting irritated. The fabric material is also perfect for so many functions. The base fabric used to make this saree is silk and cotton. Silk material gives it a shiny and glossy texture while cotton fabric gives it a sober and smooth texture. You must add this cool and stylish saree to your wardrobe collection and flaunt confidently in any function and occasion.

The Making

Kota Doria sarees are made by blending two amazing individual fabrics; silk and cotton, the resulting fabric has checks and square patterns. This unique fabric style is different from all other types of saree fabric and has its own identity. The weaving crafted designs of Kota Doria is famous throughout the globe. All the positive qualities of parent fabric have been kept intact in this classy fabric, cotton fabric gives it a smooth and nice texture while silk material gives it a perfect shiny look. The fabric is made semi-transparent and it makes it lightweight and comfortable for the whole day. The fabric is made summer friendly so that you can carry it easily on sunny days.

Kota Doriya; everything to Know About

As kota doria sarees are from Kota, Rajasthan, it has always been a part of the rich culture of India. This saree style is so graceful and elegant that you will mesmerize others with its charms and looks. The perfect fittings and suitable for anybody make it a preferable choice for many women. The price range of these sarees is also very comfortable and easily affordable. You can check the online price of this saree via textile info media, which may help you with its market value. You can check the number of colours available for this saree and each saree looks perfect with any colour.

The Top trend in Kota Doria Sarees

The trend of this saree was started way before in Mughal’s era and it has had the same impact on girls to date. The flexibility and finest texture make it trendier in the textile market. The love for this saree of women will not easily fade because of its lightest weight and comfortable lustre. This saree is produced in many regions of India and thus, this saree is easily available in any state of India, this could be one of the reasons for the popularity of these sarees. check some new trendy designs of this saree and try your own.

The Most Popular Different types of Kota Doria Sarees

This amazing style of saree has so many patterns and designs available in the market, here are some most popular and trendy styles of these sarees listed below that you must try for your upcoming events.

Gota Patti Kota Doria Sarees

This saree style has a typical Rajasthani look that makes it look very traditional and cultural. The amazing style of this saree attracts people easily and makes you feel confident about your attire.

Block Printed Kota Doria Sarees

This pretty block print gives extra charm to the texture of this saree. The perfect look and comfortable body-friendly fabric material make it a preferable choice for many ladies.

Golden Threaded Kota Doria Sarees

This proper looking saree with a touch of golden thread Is perfect for many functions and occasions. You can try this amazing style of saree for so many events and flaunt it in your own way.

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Where to buy Kota Doria Sarees?

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