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Katan Silk Sarees – Amazing saree style from Varanasi

Hello beautiful ladies! The festive season is here and as we know we have so many options to wear. Choosing the best is always a confusing and difficult task. Sarees from Banaras always give us the best outfit. Katan Silk sarees are one of the best options for Banarasi sarees These sarees are super amazing and perfectly shiny. This saree has a major impact on the textile industry and, loved by every female of all the generations. Textile info media has all the informative details about best sellers of this saree at its price. You can check the newly arrived saree and add it to your wardrobe collection.

Katan Silk Sarees: Amazing saree style from Varanasi

History of Katan Silk Sarees

The Katan sarees has had its impact on people since the Mughal era. Females of royal families love to wear this saree and flaunt in luxurious attire. This saree was used by royal families at royal functions. After that, the impact of this saree got started among other people and nowadays this saree has attracted so many females and made huge fan followings. The fabric was promoted by many Mughal kings and political parties. Our great grandmothers always adore this saree and have passed this royal legacy to our generation.

The Facts About Katan Silk Sarees

The origin of this saree is said to be Varanasi. This katan silk saree is famous all over Varanasi. The females of today’s generation as well as older generations love to drape this saree and they must have one in their wardrobe. This amazing saree has heavy work done on it with golden threads. The best saree style of this fabric has a bit of high weight. You can easily wear this saree for longer hours. The market availability of this saree is also very easy. The best colours also shine perfectly on this saree. try this amazing saree for your next events and I am sure you will never regret wearing this stunning saree style.

The Making

The making of Katan silk saree is not an easy task, the making process is complex and effort making. This saree is made with silk threads. These silk threads are twisted together and warped on fabric and thus base fabric is silk for this amazing saree. The twisted yarns are used to make the saree strong and tighten it. The silk fabric is used to give the saree a shiny and glossy look. The dyeing process on this saree is the same as for other fabrics. This process was repeated several times and then dried in the oven. The golden touch on borders and palla makes it more beautiful and amazing.

The Katan Silk Sarees: Everything to Know About

The Katan silk sarees has a very traditional look and has an amazing style of draping. This saree from Varanasi, UP, India represents Indian culture perfectly. This saree style is perfect for any traditional function and cultural occasion. You can also wear this saree for a festive celebration. This saree is the pride of all the Varanasi females. The price of this saree is a bit high. You can check the online pricing range of this saree via textile info media so that you can get a better idea about the best and accurate price of such sarees.

The Top Trend in Katan Silk Sarees

The Katan silk sarees has been trending for a long time. The charm of this saree is still impactful in the textile industry. The perfect look and traditional touch of this saree make it a preferable choice for many women. This style of saree suits any colour and shade. The saree is perfect for any body type and shape. The girls of the younger generation also adore this cultural saree style. The amazing style of draping attracts others. This body-friendly saree style is available IN the market easily. You must add this stunning looking saree to your ethnic wear collections.

The Most Popular Different types of Katan Silk Sarees

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This amazing saree has so many options available in the market. Choosing the best one is always a difficult task. Here are some popular and best types of this saree listed below that you can try for your upcoming events.

Bottle Green Katan Silk Sarees

This amazing colour is trending very much. The golden thread work on this saree gets the best out of it. The saree is perfect for any traditional function and always attracts others with its stunning look.

Royal Pink Katan Silk Sarees

This saree has amazing attractive power. The look of this saree is mesmerised. The perfect fitting and texture make it a preferable choice for any functions and celebrations.

The pure red Katan silk sarees

This beauty has no match to the date. The rich and royal look of this saree is unique and super stylish. This best saree style you must try for any traditional function or occasion.

Where to Buy Katan Silk Saree?

This amazing saree style is available in the market. you can check all the information or contacts of the best suppliers, manufactures and wholesalers of these sarees in your cities via textile info media. You can also check the price range of this saree online via this platform.

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