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Kantha Sarees – The Story of beautiful Bengali Embroidered Saree

The Concept of the Kantha sarees originated from Bengal, the Indian subcontinent. The rural women used to do this amazing thread work on fabric. This embroidery artwork is one of the oldest artworks on fabric in India, it is said to be old as the pre-Vedic ages. This beautiful art is now famous in regions of India such as West Bengal, the eastern part, and Odisha. This elegant art of fabric is so attractive and has made an impact for ages. The textile info media has all the important details about the best suppliers of such saree, you can also check its best price range there.

Kantha Sarees - The Story of beautiful Bengali Embroidered Saree

The history of Kantha sarees

This amazing artwork is one of the oldest arts of fabric in India and still has been practiced by many Asian women. Day by day new modifications and creativity are increasing to make this saree more attractive and charming. During the early years of the 19th century, this art lost its charm and started disappearing from the textile ranks, but during the mid-19th century, this fabulous area got its impact back when the daughter of famous Bengali poet Shri Rabindranath Tagore appreciated this work and made it popular again. The record tracks take us back to 500 years where women do this amazing embroidery work and drape this beautiful saree on a daily basis.

Facts about Kantha sarees

This amazing saree style represents the beauty of India, it is showing all the cultural and traditional art of India. Apart from the cultural look of this saree, this stunning embroidery looks perfect and classy enough for today’s era. The base fabric used to make this saree was cotton. The saree is comfortable enough to carry for long hours and during traveling. The lightweight and perfect designs make it a choice for many functions and occasions. you must add this beauty to your wardrobe collection and upgrade your fashion style in 2021.

The Making

The making of this saree needs more attention and perfection. The stitching of the Kantha sarees is simple, straight, and not the fancier accessory work needed to do, as the design is enough to attract the eyes. Earlier rural housewives used this simple artwork and gave the saree the best charm. Over time many evolutions happen to make this saree look more modern and nowadays it is well known as nakshi Kantha. The meaning of nakshi represents artistic designs. The designs that are made on fabric are truly culturally based such as temple patterns, animal shapes, and Vedic designs. This makes this saree different from any other saree style.

The Kantha sarees: Everything to Know About

We all have heard about the term Bengal beauty; the phrase is perfect in terms of everything. Bengal has always come up with beautiful things and makes the world mesmerized. This oldest fabulous art is one of them. The Kantha sarees is perfect for any traditional and casual function due to its both cultural and classy look. The embroidery designs are so unique that they can attract everyone easily. The price range of this saree is also low and affordable in the market. you can check the online price range of this saree via the online platform textile info media.

The Top Trend in Kantha saree

Apart from only the oldest traditional culture of this saree, it has a modern style also. Over time many experiments and modifications are made on this saree, such as fabric change, pattern evolutions, playing with designs, etc. these changes are made to look the saree perfect and make sense to the young generation without losing its original charm. This style of saree is trending in the textile market and ladies of all generations love to drape this saree and flaunt it with confidence in their attire. Add this most elegant style of saree to your ethnic wear collection and surely you don’t get any regrets. 

The Most Popular Different Types of Kantha Sarees

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The popularity of this saree is hidden from no one for ages, during the time many new styles and designs have come up with this saree style, here are some most popular and best designs of this saree listed below that can help you to choose the best one.

The Mandala embroidery designs

This amazing art on fabric super attractive and elegant saree is perfect for any important function. You must try this beautiful design to show your amazing fashion style.

The Floral Embroidery Design sarees

These perfect designs have an amazing and graceful look. This saree style is perfect for casual and cultural celebrations.

Traditional embroidery designs

The bright colour of the saree with contrasting dark traditional embroidery is perfect for any function. You can carry this saree with all the pride and look gorgeous in this attire.

Where to Buy Kantha Sarees

The online platform textile info media has all the details about the best manufacturers, kantha sarees wholesalers, and suppliers of such saree, you can also check the online price range of this saree there so that you can know the actual price rate of this saree in today’s time.

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