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Kanchipuram Sarees – The Pride of South Indian Culture

Kanchipuram Sarees
Kanchipuram Sarees: The Pride of South Indian Culture

Hello, lovely and fashion addicted girls. Are you looking for some south Indian traditional look? In this blog, you will get to know about the Kanchipuram sarees, which will help you to choose the perfect look for your upcoming occasions. Kanchipuram sarees is also known as Kanjeevaram saree. This style of saree is very much famous in south India. the south Indian ladies love to wear this traditional and super stunning silk-based saree for many occasions and functions.

Such a saree is very much loved and accepted by not only South Indian girls or ladies but also adored by the whole of India. It’s perfect shiny look and royal appearance make it a choice of ladies to wear and make them flaunt with confidence. Such sarees can easily attract the other’s attention. Textile info media has proper details about the best suppliers and manufacturers of Kanchipuram Sarees.

History of Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram saree has been famous since the times of the King ruling. The south Indian people have been wearing this saree for ages. It is very attractive and the queens wear it at traditional functions with all the royal jewels. Most only females from royal backgrounds wear this saree but the other females love to show their beauty with such charming saree. Such Saree represents southern culture for a very long time.

The traditional workers pass this art of making beautiful saree to the next generations. The royalty South Indian saree got noticed after 2000. And now in 2021, it is a really important part of the Indian fashion industry. It has made a remarkable impact on the textile market India. People get obsessed with the elegant look of such a saree. 

The Facts about Kanchipuram sarees

The Kanchipuram saree has an elegant look because of its fabric. This saree is silk-based. The shiny texture and golden or silver touch on silk fabric make it perfect as this beautiful saree. The Identification of Kanchipuram saree made by the use of these metals: Gold and silver.

These metals are mixed with some fixed ratio to make the pure Kanchipuram sarees. The ratio of gold in saree use is one-sixth of used silver. It has a wide border which is designed elegantly. The patterns and designs represent the traditional culture. The designs could be floral, animal bodies of human faces.

The making – The perfect blend of beautiful saree

Kanchipuram Sarees
Kanchipuram Sarees

Let us know about the making of such a beautiful and attractive piece of dressing style. The mixture of two fabrics makes the perfect look of this saree is mulberry silk that is generated in Karnataka, and the other one is shiny gold and silver threads which has zari work on it, that is obtained from the western region of India that is Gujarat.

The border of such a saree is made different from the whole, mainly part of the saree. The border always gives the contrast to the main part of the body. It is always shinier and glossier. The palla is the most important and attractive part of such a saree, this palla is made separately and then attracted to the saree to give the saree a perfect look.

Kanchipuram Sarees: Everything to Know about

The core fabric material used in the Kanchipuram saree is silk, which is used in its purest form that gives the saree a perfect heavier look. The saree is easy to wear for the whole day and the most comfortable style of saree. It has a smooth texture and luxurious style. The zari work makes it a more glossy and perfectly available option for wedding functions and ceremonies. The Kanchipuram sarees has a very wide range of pricing. It could be less expensive to more based on the material used, colours, look, used metal ratio. The price range could be varying from thousands to lakhs.

The Fashion trend in the Kanchipuram sarees

The Kanchipuram saree has been trending for a long time. People always wear this saree with the same enthusiasm. The perfect royal look of it always makes it a trending and preferable choice of women for weddings, traditional occasions, and some festive parties.

Here are two most popular Kanchipuram sarees listed below that you must try.

Kanchipuram Silk sarees

Kanchipuram Silk sarees
Kanchipuram Silk sarees

These sarees are purely based on the sill. It has a slightly slippery texture and a shiny look. The saree style is perfectly elegant for wedding functions. The dark colour saree with a light border and heavy jewellery give it more of that royal look. The perfect fitting and designs on a blouse can take its charm to another level.

Kanchipuram Cotton sarees

Kanchipuram Cotton saree
Kanchipuram Cotton saree

The other famous fabric for such a cotton sarees. This cotton-based saree is very comfortable and perfect for any royal function or occasion. The colours of such a saree look extra amazing on this fabric. This saree is super comfy, airy, smooth and soft so that you can wear it for a longer time without any irritation. Check out some best saree online. Try these sarees for your upcoming functions or events, this saree look works wearing in 2021.

Where to Buy Kanchipuram sarees?

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