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Kalamkari Sarees – The Evergreen Beauty of Saree Style

Hi, beautiful ladies, here we are with another blog, in which we are going to discuss this amazing style of kalamkari sarees. These sarees are produced in the Andhra Pradesh region of India and Iran, this beautiful saree has unique block printings and handprints that makes it a super attractive and preferable choice for many functions and occasions. Here in this blog, we will discuss its types and making. You can also get the idea about its price range and certain online platforms which provide the details about its best kalamkari sarees manufactures and suppliers in different cities so that you buy these classy sarees from the best place.

Kalamkari Sarees : The Evergreen Beauty of Saree Style

History of kalamkari sarees

This kalamkari artwork on fabric is famous since the Mughal era, many regions of Andhra Pradesh families of craftsmen used to print the designs on clothes and fabric and since then this art is loved by every single lady. This art had disappeared for some time but the love for this saree started again in the 18th century by British rule and since then the production of this elegant and attractive clothing style has become one of the best and stunning attire. The women from Andhra Pradesh and nearby regions adore this saree for ages and have passed this priceless beauty to our generation.

Facts about Kalamkari sarees

The kalamkari sarees have hand printing designs and it is made by using dyes, only natural dyes are used to make these sarees. These block prints are super amazing and unique. The prints and designs by talented craftsmen represent Indian culture and its royalty. The name of this kalamkari also appreciates the efforts of these craftsmen. The word kalamkari means in Islam is, kalam means pen and Kari men craftsmanship. This craft on fabric is fabulous art and makes the saree so attractive and worth buying. This kalamkari shows the artistic painting on the fabric of parts of Ramayana, Mahabharat and in recent times it depicts the Budish art also.

The Making

During the middle ages, this fabric was made by hand, the block printing was crafted on fabric with pen and for colourations and drawing the vegetable dyes were used but nowadays in this digitized work, digital block prints are introduced to make these fabulous printing designs and patterns. The fabric that is used to make this saree are majorly silk, mulmul and synthetic saree as the prints shine perfectly on this fabric and give it an extra charming look. After the completion of drying process, the craftsmen use bamboo stick or date palm stick to make the finest prints on the saree that makes it’s super attractive,

Kalamkari sarees : Everything to Know about

This saree is so cultured and traditional that it always has something unique in it. It gives you a perfect classic, stylish and cultural look. The designs are inspired by small living things such as some musical instrument designs, animal printing, flowers and some Indian mythological symbols such as Swastik. The prince range of this saree is also comfortable and varying from less expensive to high according to the work done on it. You can check the kalamkari sarees online price from online platform called textile info media here you can also get a better idea about other details of this saree.

The Top trend in the kalamkari sarees

This saree is trending because of its unique prints and patterns, the girls of today’s generation and mid-aged women love to wear this saree and flaunt their look confidently. The perfect fittings, detailed work, colour options, market availability all make this saree trendy in the textile market. this saree suits perfectly and kind of body shape and looks equally beautiful. Also, the silk fabric used for this saree makes it perfectly shiny and glossy that make it a preferable choice for any sort of function whether it is traditional or some parties and celebrations.

The Most Popular Different Types of Kalamkari sarees

There are so many styles and faction hacks you can do with these sarees, picking the best one is always a confusing and difficult task. Here we have added the popular style of this saree in the list below that you must try in 2021.

best kalamkari sarees from manufacturers

Digital printed kalamkari saree

These sarees have amazing prints and modern designs. The style is amazing enough to catch the eyes and look perfect for any parties and meetups. You can also wear it on some ritual occasions.

Multicoloured kalamkari saree

These sarees are very much famous among young girls. The colour combination is so perfect that you can wear it at various functions. The saree is also lightweight and easy to carry for the whole day.

Pure silk based kalamkari saree

These sarees are amazing looking and perfectly shiny. These sarees are loved by any group age of girls. This style is popular in India. you can wear it at many functions and events.

Where to buy a Kalamkari saree?

The textile info media is helpful to get the details about the best manufactures, suppliers and kalamkari sarees wholesalers of this saree at its best price.

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