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Gujarati Sarees – The Fashion statement from Gujarat

Hello, pretty girls! Today we are here with a fresh topic of Gujarati sarees. This beautiful saree has a unique draping style that is different from other sarees. This saree is very much famous among Gujaratis ladies. The super comfortable and different style of saree makes it a choice for many functions. The look and colours look very amazing on this saree. These sarees can be worn throughout the year on any occasion and in every season. Textile info media has all the necessary information about such sarees. You can check the details about manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of such sarees via textile info media.

Gujarati Sarees

History of Gujarati sarees

The Gujarati sarees style was first introduced approximately 5000 years ago at some royal wedding of princesses. Since then, this saree has made an impact on people. These sarees have been famous for a very long time. During the 12th century craftsmen of this saree came to Gujarat and settled then started making this amazing style of saree. Women of age love to wear this saree and flaunt confidently. Nowadays also girls love to wear this saree because of its different draping style and beautiful designs. You must add this saree style to your wardrobe collection in 2021.

Facts about Gujarati sarees

The Gujrati sarees are famous among so many ladies. The majorly used fabric for this saree is cotton and silk. Both the fabric material has their own unique benefits. The comfort with a glossy look makes this saree a preferable choice for many women. The draping style is something like front palla, instead of palla, the backside of solder, and thus it is different from other sarees. This saree is super trendy and comfy. You can wear this saree for many hours without getting annoyed. Red, maroon, bottle green and white are some common colours available in the market and have their own traditional value.

Gujarati Sarees: The Fashion statement from Gujarat

The Making

The making of Gujarati sarees is famous and fabulous artwork on fabric in the nearby region of Gujarat, India. The craftsmen of this saree show their best talent for fabric work. The Bandhani saree, a saree style from is not much more time consuming and easily make but patola saree, another saree style from Gujarat is not easy to make, it takes a very long time to prepare this amazing saree, sometimes it takes more than 6 months and a year to prepare single patola saree. The making of this saree is mostly carried out in Surat, Ahmedabad, Patan, Rajkot and the Kutch region of Gujarat.

Gujarati sarees: Everything to Know About

The Gujarati sarees are very much loved by girls of today’s time. These sarees have so many different colours and designs that make you look beautiful and flaunt your saree look. These sarees are easily available in the market. The price range of these saree varies from highly expensive to medium and then low price, depending upon the style of saree. Patola saree is very expensive and a fashion statement of rich families, while these Bandhani sarees have a medium range of price and are easily available in the market. Some daily wear Gujarati sarees have a very comfortable price. You can check the online price of such sarees via textile info media.

The Top Trend in Gujarati Sarees

These sarees are very much popular around Gujarat and many other regions of India. These Bandhani sarees are not limited to the people of Gujarat but this style is famous in Rajasthan also. This saree style is comfortable and easy to wear for a longer time. It is also comfy when travelling. Celebrities are also seen using this style of saree during navaraties and other important festivals of Gujarat. You must add this unique draping style to your wardrobe collection and improve your fashion style. The trend of wearing this style is not going to fade for many years now.

The Most Popular Different Types of Gujarati sarees

Gujarat does not have many types of different sarees but the available number of sarees are very much popular and unique. These sarees have different fabric materials that make the varieties in this saree. Here are some sarees listed below that are popular in Gujarat.

The Patola Saree

The patola saree is very much famous and one of the finest arts on fabric. This style of saree has its own historical value, and it is perfect for every traditional and festive function. The look is very elegant and royal.

The Bandhani sarees

This Bandhani style of saree is very much popular in Gujarat. This saree is comfortable for daily use also. The heavy work on this saree is perfect for wedding functions and ceremonies.

Panetar saree

Panetar saree are bridal wear sarees from Gujarat. The red, bottle green and white colour combination are popular for this saree. It has pure fabric and an amazing look. The saree is very comfortable and airy.

Best Panetar Sarees

Where to Buy Gujarati sarees?

The textile info media has all the details about the best manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of this saree. You can check the availability and price range there also. Go and buy the latest collection and add extra charm to your beauty.

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