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Gadwal Sarees – The Story of Traditional Saree from Telangana

Gadwal is a city located in Telangana state, is very well known for its handloom saree with zari works. The speciality of this saree is that a 5-meter saree can fit into a small matchbox. The fabric texture is that smooth and finest. The popularity of gadwal sarees has been at its peak in the fashion industry for a very long time. The highly skilled craftsmen give their best to make this saree look amazing and stylish at the same time. textile info media; you can search this online platform to get the idea about dealers of this saree and can catch the online price of such saree also.

Gadwal Sarees: The Story of Traditional Saree from Telangana

The History of Gadwal sarees

The history of this Gadwal sarees takes us back to the early years of the 19th century. The making of this saree was the main source of livelihood for many craftsmen of Andhra Pradesh. The people out there started this amazing weaving of sarees and made them most popular among the females. In today’s time, many types of machinery are available to make this saree with lesser time and lesser effort, this art on fabric is one of the most attractive and elegant pieces of saree style to date. This traditional draping of this saree is passed through generations successfully.

The Facts About Gadwal Sarees

This amazing saree has all the hearts of women. The look is perfectly elegant and breath-taking. The simple and sober look of this outfit makes everyone attracted to it. The two different fabric materials are used to make this beautiful saree and those materials are silk and cotton. These materials are used to make this saree perfect looking and to give amazing comfort. This modification in saree style has been famous for many decades. The texture of this fabric is fabulous enough to make you flaunt your outfit with confidence. You must add this classic and stylish dressing style to your wardrobe collection.

The Making

The making of this saree is quite different from other styles of sarees. The technical yarn process, dyeing and drying process are the same as other saree but the weaving process has something different in its hands. The whole main part of this saree is made of cotton while the palla and border part is made of silk fabric. After weaving them separately, these two main parts are stitched together and give the saree style a completely different and unique look. This amazing style of saree requires a lot of expertise during the making process. This different style of saree is majorly produced in the Telangana region of India.

The Gadwal sarees: Everything to Know About

This amazing style is a stunning fusion of very right basic fabric materials that makes it a preferable choice for many functions and events. The look of this saree is perfect for any body type. Both dark and bright colours suit this saree. It is also has lightweight so that you can manage to wear this saree for the whole day. The price range of this saree is varying from low to highly expensive according to work done on it. You can check the online price range of this saree via textile info media so that you can know the actual pricing of this saree style.

The Top Trend in Gadwal Sarees

The trend of this saree is always at the top in the textile market, and I am sure it will not be going out of trend at least for the next few decades. The colours and amazing designs make this saree trendier and more attractive. The girls of all age groups love the designs and patterns of this saree and can be easily attracted to its charm. This saree has a shiny and glossy look that can be perfect for evening parties and festival celebrations. You must add this amazing style of saree to your ethnic wear collection. Find the amazing collection of this saree at the best suppliers via online platform textile info media.

The Most Popular Different Types of Gadwal Sarees

These Gadwal sarees have so many options and availability in the market. All the types of this saree are attractive and breath-taking. Here are some popular and best styles of saree listed below that you can try for the next events.

Partywear Gadwal sarees

Gadwal Sarees - The Story of Traditional Saree from Telangana

These sarees have a classic and hot look. The draping hacks are very different and perfect for parties and casual events. The colour choices are made according to the times, dark glittery colours should be the choice of evenings.

Traditional Gadwal sarees

This amazing style of saree is perfect for cultural and traditional functions. These sarees have a perfect draping style and elegant look to attract everyone easily.

Handloom Gadwal sarees

These sarees have very lightweight and perfect styling. You can wear this saree on a daily basis also.

Where to buy Gadwal sarees?

The online platform textile info media has all the answers to your questions. You can check the details about the best suppliers, manufactures and wholesalers of gadwal sarees. You can also check the best online price of such a saree via this platform. 

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