Exquisite and Elegant Tant Sarees from Kolkata to Elevate Your Ethnic Beauty

Exquisite and Elegant Tant Sarees from Kolkata to Elevate Your Ethnic Beauty
Exquisite and Elegant Tant Sarees from Kolkata to Elevate Your Ethnic Beauty

Bengal sarees are immensely famous all over India for their elegance and classiness. One of the most famous and elegant Bengal sarees are obviously Tant sarees. Although tant sarees originated from Bengal, due to their elegant appearance and graceful demeanour, they have gained tremendous popularity throughout India. Tant sarees are very lightweight, inexpensive, and perfect for hot and sweltering weather.

Kolkata is unquestionably an ideal location to get different types of elegant tant sarees. Popular tant saree wholesalers in Kolkata are providing a large selection of tant sarees at affordable rates. You can get superb quality and most beautiful tant sarees from Kolkata saree suppliers. As the options are uncountable, picking the most appropriate tant saree might be a little confusing and difficult task for anyone. To solve this issue, we have searched a lot and made a list of some most famous and graceful tant saree collections from Kolkata wholesalers in this article. 

History of Tant Sarees

Tant sarees mainly originated from Dhaka and they have become so famous from the Royal era. During British empowerment, the British government sought to destroy the tant saree sector in order to defend Manchester’s textile industry. But all the Tant saree designers have managed to save this industry and tant sarees are still present in top rank among all types of Bengali sarees.

Due to its exceptional ease and lightness, this saree was mostly worn for everyday wear in previous decades, but these days many latest designer and gorgeous Tant sarees are used as festival wear or wedding wear. 

Learn About Top 5 Well-known and Beautiful Tant Sarees from Kolkata Saree Wholesalers

All Indian women need a lightweight, comfortable yet elegant saree in the sweltering Indian summer. The tant saree of Bengal is one such variation that is so much soft, lightweight and women can get super comfort by wearing this graceful saree in the hot and humid season. Most of these elegant Bengali sarees are handwoven.

Elegant tant sarees from Kolkata are mainly adorned by middle-aged and old-aged Indian ladies who always love to dress traditionally for getting a delicate look. However, with the introduction of latest and unique designs and styles, young ladies have begun to exhibit a preference for these lovely handwoven sarees. If you visit Textile Infomedia portal, you may be able to locate the most famous tant saree wholesalers in Kolkata on our portal. Now let’s check out some elegant and exquisite tant sarees from Bengal and decide which one can suit you the most. 

1. Tant Banarasi Saree

Tant Banarasi Saree - Textileinfomedia
Tant Banarasi Saree

This traditional and royal Tant saree from Kolkata is the best bridal ensemble and almost every Bengali bride prefers this as their bridal attire. The body-wide golden zari or brocade design and vibrant hues of this saree enhances the beauty of this saree. Intricate golden zari designs are also made on the saree border, which offer a regal appearance to this saree. The Palla is also woven with gorgeous golden zari design. 

If you wish to get a royal bridal appearance, then you must pick this traditional and regal tant saree from Kolkata wholesalers

2. Designer Tant Saree

Designer Tant Saree - Textileinfomedia
Designer Tant Saree – Textileinfomedia

This alluring tant saree from Kolkata is undoubtedly ideal for you if you are looking for a lightweight and exquisite saree to wear at your friend’s wedding. The intricate designs all over the saree’s body and gorgeous hues add a majestic appeal to this saree. You can easily get a dazzling look by wearing this ravishing ethnic ensemble. 

3. Tant Jamdani Saree

Tant Jamdani Saree
Tant Jamdani Saree

Tant Jamdani sarees are one of the most comfortable and exquisite Tant sarees from Kolkata that make the ladies look classic and graceful. The finest fabrics and gorgeous designs of Jamdani sarees have made them well-liked sarees among all women. The unparalleled beauty of this tant saree will offer you a majestic and aristocratic look. 

You can wear them at any joyous event like weddings, pujas, festivals, office parties etc. These most well-liked tant sarees from Kolkata are available in almost every Bengali woman’s ethnic closet.

4. Tant Cotton Saree

Tant Cotton Saree
Tant Cotton Saree

Tant cotton sarees are renowned for their superior quality, softness and prodigious variety of patterns. Many areas of Bengal, especially Fulia, and Shantipur, these famous tant sarees are still handwoven beautifully. 

If you want quality, comfort, elegance, and cost-effectiveness all at once, Tant cotton sarees are surely your greatest option. Bengali ladies use these comfortable tant sarees widely as daily wear and even office wear.

5. Tant Handloom Saree

Tant Handloom Saree
Tant Handloom Saree

Traditional and a little bit of modern style are combined to make Tant handloom sarees. This trendy and fancy tant saree from Kolkata is the perfect choice for all the fashionable ladies who want to add a modern twist to their traditional beauty. It is a mash-up of many cultures from various Bengali regions. 

The popularity of these trendy Bengali tant sarees is increasing every year because they are so stylish and provide a chic yet elegant appearance to the wearer. They are mainly popular among young ladies. You can go to a wedding function, family function, festival and even to your workplace by wearing this contemporary tant saree from Kolkata. 

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