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Chikan Kurtis – One of the Oldest and sober styles of Kurtis

India is the most diversified country in terms of clothing style. Many states and regions have different kinds of outfits. Chikan karigari is one of them that attracts everyone no matter where you are from. The Chikan Kurtis manufacturers has amazing style and a stunning look chikan kurtis to provide to the buyers.

This Chikan craftwork is basically originated from Lucknow, India, but the popularity of this attire is making all the women attracted towards its charm. Many influencers and stars have promoted this dressing style to the world. Textile Infomedia has all the access to give you the contact details of the best suppliers and wholesalers of Kurtis. You must add this beauty to your wardrobe collection.

Chikan Kurtis: One of the Oldest and sober styles of Kurtis

Beginning of Chikan Kurtis

This Lucknow originated fabric Chikan style has made everyone mesmerized with its charm and have made an impactful reputation in the textile market. Since the Mughal era, this art of embroidery on fabric material is famous and popular. The females of royal families wear this Kurtis in a pattern of long or short Anarkali style.

It is said that the wife of the Mughal king, Jahangir has promoted this Chikan embroidery on fabric and since that time this style of outfit has created many female fan followings in India. This style is called Chikan karigari, which means embroidery with threads on dresses. The same name of this thread art is popular in today’s time.

The specificities of Chikan Kurtis

These Chikan Kurtis have really amazing styles and varieties of different patterns. The look of this is breath-taking and loved by all the women. These outfits are perfectly representative of Indian culture as well as Pakistani culture. The traditional look of this Chikan Kurtis has been maintained for ages. The base fabric that is usually used to make this Kurti is crepe, chiffon, cotton, silk and georgette. These fabrics play the essential duties to make the embroidery designs more beautiful and charming to this chikan designer kurtis. All the colours, whether light and dark, look amazing on this Chikan Kurti.

The Making Process of Chikan Kurtis

The Chikan Kurtis are made in a very regular manner which includes starting from the yarn process to ending with the weaving process. The light and bright colours are preferable to make this Kurtis for the reason that on these colours the thread embroidery is more visible and higher lighten. Designing is the very initial stage of making this Kurtis. The perfect embroidery designs and thread artwork makes this Kurti look best on you.

Then the dyeing process is followed to make these sarees more beautiful and attractive. The colours give it perfect finishing and comfort. The colours that are used to make this Kurti are very organic and easy on the body. Then the drying process is made to dry the dyeable fabric via sun heat to give the fabric perfect strength. In the end, the weaving process starts to give the Kurti a stylish look.

The Chikan Kurtis; Must Know these Factors

These beautiful Chikan Kurtis have all the attraction and have become the love of females of all the generations. These embroidery designs include Indian culture and tradition. The motifs for designs are majorly traditional temple patterns, flowers and Animal printing. The Mughal artwork is sometimes portrayed to this Kurtis. This Kurtis has variations, it could be highly expensive to low expensive according to the work and fabric used to make this saree. You can check the best online price range of this Kurtis via textile Infomedia.

The Trend and Popularity of Chikan Kurtis

The 16th century was famous for this Chikan karigari and in today’s time, it has all the same impact and powerful reputation. Nowadays, light colours and floral paintings and traditional Lucknowi karigari on this Kurti are trending. These Kurti have a simple, sober, sophisticated, rich and royal look that makes them a preferable choice for many functions and events. you must add this beautiful Kurti to your wardrobe collection so that you can flaunt in the perfect attire of the time.

The Fast-Growing Different Styles of Chikan Kurtis

These Kurtis have so many different types in terms of styles of wearing this dress. The amazing variety of bottom wear can make it more charming and attractive.

Anarkali Style Chikan Kurti with Palazzo

Anarkali Style Chikan Kurti with Palazzo

This style of Kurti has perfect flares for any traditional and royal functions. This amazing style has created a mark in the textile market. The bright and shiny colours are perfect for this look.

The Long Straight Chikan Kurta with pants

Chikan Kurtis - One of the Oldest and sober styles of Kurtis

This style of Chikan Kurti is very much trending nowadays. The style is perfect for ceremony celebrations and has an eye-catching ability.

The Short Chikan Kurta with Sharara

Short Chikan Kurta with Sharara

This look of the Kurti has been famous since Mughal’s time. The females of royal families mostly wear this style of Kurtis and this style has come back with its charm in today’s time.

Where can you get Chikan Kurtis?

You can go through the site of textile Infomedia and check the availability, online price range and contact details about the best manufactures, suppliers and wholesalers of chikan kurtis. You can also buy these Kurtis from these suppliers via this platform, you may get amazing deals and offers.

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