Block Print Kurtis – The Finest Art Known for Fabric

Block print kurtis – India has been full of talented people since the beginning of the Indus civilization. These are so attractive and are able to mesmerize all of them. Block printing is one of that art that is carved on the fabric. This super amazing and finest art of fabric has attracted people with its decent and sober look. It is said that India does the largest export of this block printed fabrics. Earlier from this fabric sarees, handcrafted pictures, wall hanging was made but after the late 19s, this craftsman started making block printed Kurtis also. textile Infomedia has all the details of suppliers and wholesalers of this Kurti who have a beautiful and new collection of these Kurtis.

Block Print Kurtis - The Finest Art Known for Fabric

The beginning of Block Print Kurtis

The history of this block print Kurti takes us back in the time to pre-Christian times. Since then, this Kurti has made a powerful impact on the females, and the charm of this Kurtis is just increasing day by day. This art of fabric is also said to begin in the 19th century in Europe. The previous generations were very excited about wearing these Kurtis at many functions due to its attractive and elegant look, the legacy of wearing this wonderful fabric art is passed through generations and females of a young age are also attracted to this. This classic style of Kurti has also helped in the Indian economy for many decades.

The Specificities of Block Print Kurtis

Block printing is very much famous around the west side of India such as Gujarat and Rajasthan. These designer Kurtis are perfect for any function and occasion. Block print Kurtis are perfect examples to represent Indian culture as it has traditional designs and patterns on fabric. The base material to make this Kurti could be cotton, silk, chiffon, nylon and synthetic fabric but silk and cotton are widely chosen because of their shiny look and comfortable texture respectively. The maintenance of this Kurti is also very easy and doesn’t require extra effort, the regular detergents are enough to clean them. 

The Making Process of Block Print Kurtis

The making of this Kurtis requires time and perfect expertise to create wonderful art on fabric with all the attractive looks in a perfect manner. The technical process of making this fabric includes many steps such as first it undergoes the yarn process, then the dyeing of this Kurti takes place using natural and organic followed by the drying process. After completion of weaving the block is printed on the fabric. The block markings are part of making this Kurtis. The designs and motifs that are craved on the blocks are fully traditional and culturally based. These blocks are made of wood and metal. After preparing these blocks the craftsmen started actual work on the fabric of doing printings.

The Block Print Kurtis – Must Know About These Factors

These block prints are most popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Dabu prints and Ajrakh prints are respectively famous in these regions of India. The families of craftsmen from these parts of India have been doing this finest fabric art for many decades. These Kurtis are very much famous among all the generations. The price range of this Kurtis is very comfortable and falls into the affordable range. You can check the online price range of this Kurti via textile Infomedia, where you can check the best online prices of this attire at the best manufactures and suppliers.

The Trend and popularity of Block Print Kurtis

These Kurtis are perfectly light weighted as mostly the base fabric that is used to make this Kurtis are silk and cotton both of them have a classic style and comfortable weight. You can wear them during travelling hours, college hours and office hours also. These Kurtis are comfortable for long hours without feeling any irritations. The colour options are limited to this style of Kurti, any shade of colours suits this Kurti amazingly.

The Fast-Growing Different Styles of Block Print Kurtis

This amazing style of Kurti has many options available in the market in terms of designs and patterns that are printed on the fabric. Here are some amazing, popular and best designs that are trending in 2021 listed below that may help you to get the best one for you.

The Floral Printed Block Print Kurtis

Floral Printed Block Print Kurtis

These prints are very popular in the textile market of this category of Kurtis. This stylish and classic look of Kurtis is perfect for casual parties and functions.

Mandala Block Print Kurtis

Mandala Block Print Kurtis

This mandala art on fabric is famous for ages and still making huge female fans day by day. This attire is all perfect for traditional, cultural events and festive seasons.

The Animal motif Block Print Kurtis

These are some of the old and amazing designs that are used to crave on the fabric. The look of this outfit is attractive enough to catch the eyes of everyone.

Where can you buy Block Print Kurtis?

If you love doing shopping via different online platforms then the textile Infomedia could be your best choice. This platform provides us contact details of the best manufacturers, block print kurtis wholesalers and suppliers of our cities. You can also check the best online price range of such attire via this platform.