Bandhani Kurtis – Your Next Favourite Attire in This Festive Season

The Bandhani is a very well-known style from Rajasthan and Gujarat, India. This style of clothing is known for its traditional look and cultural values. The Bandhani Kurtis is amazing and perfect for many functions. Females from Gujarat wear this Kurti at many important functions. This perfect light weighted and colourful attire is easy to flaunt in. This Kurtis is made in many regions of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot. Textile Infomedia has all the basic and informative details about the best suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers of this Kurti. You can directly buy this Kurtis from them with the help of this platform.

Bandhani Kurtis: Your Next Favourite Attire in This Festive Season

Beginning of Bandhani Kurtis

The history of this stunning Kurtis is far back. During the 6th century, the patterns and designs were carved on the cave of Ajanta, inspiring for them these designs are made on fabric, and since then the charm is always increasing among the females of Gujarat and Rajasthan. First, the Bandhani designs were made on sarees, curtains and hangings, but after the late 19s when the trend of Kurti wearing started greatly, these Bandhani designs are made on Kurtis also. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, this Bandhani attire has religious value. Female since very long wear this Kurtis are many important functions. 

The Specificities of Bandhani Kurtis

The Bandhani Kurtis have a regular pattern and designs on fabric. The most preferable colours for this attire are marron, white, red, and bottle green. The designs of this Kurti basically originated from the Kutch region of Gujarat. Many families use this art of making Bandhani dresses to survive. These designs in Bandhani Kurtis include dots in square patterns in a regular manner throughout the fabric. The base fabric that is used to make this Kurtis is mostly cotton but sometimes other fabrics are also used to make this Kurtis more attractive and shinier. The maintenance of this Kurti is also very low and painless.

The Making Process of Bandhani Kurtis

The making process of this Kurti is not very time-consuming. In the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat people mostly used finger art to make the designs for a very long time, but now new objects are introduced to make these patterns. The dots are made on dyed fabric and make the fabric more attractive and charming; the yarn process and weaving process is the same as making other fabric materials. The design that is carved into this fabric is made traditionally attractive to make them perfect for the Indian festive season and functions. These Kurtis don’t require any extra decorative efforts.

The Bandhani Kurtis: Must know about these factors

The Bandhani Kurtis are most popular among females of all age groups. These Kurtis are most famous among the girls of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The colours are not a barrier to this Kurtis, any dark and light shade of fabric look suits amazingly on this Kurti. The price range of this Kurtis is also very comfortable and affordable due to the easy availability of this Kurti in the market. You can check the online price of Kurtis via textile Infomedia and get the best discounts and offers at the best supplier and wholesalers of this Kurtis via this platform.

The Trend and Popularity of Bandhani Kurtis

The Bandhani Kurtis are lightweight enough to carry them for long hours in any season and at any time, as the base fabric is cotton, it has nice comfort and heat-absorbing properties, so you can wear this Kurti during the summers also. This Kurtis could also be worn during office and college times. This Kurti is also perfect for casual and cultural parties and functions. perfect fittings and vibrant colors of this Kurtis makes it a preferable choice for many women. You must add this Kurti to your wardrobe collection and flaunt confidently with this attire.

The Fast-Growing Different Styles of Bandhani Kurtis

These Kurtis have many options available in the market in terms of designs and patterns, choosing from them is a painful task. Here are some famous and stunning styles of this Kurti listed below that you can try for the next upcoming events in 2021 and flaunt in your attire happily.

The party wear Bandhani Kurtis

The party wear Bandhani Kurtis:

These sarees are made with much effort. The amazing accessorized work such as mirror work, embroidery work and zari work are made on this Kurti to make it perfectly stylish and ready to wear at Parties.

The Casual Bandhani Kurtis

Casual Bandhani Kurtis

These Kurtis can be worn on a daily basis. You can wear it during office times and casual meetings. This Kurti has a simple, sober and elegant look.

The traditional Bandhani Kurtis

traditional Bandhani Kurtis

This Kurti is perfect for traditional and cultural events. You can wear it with different styles of bottom wear such as sharara, palazzo and leggings. The short frock style Kurtis with sharara is trending nowadays.

Where can you buy Bandhani Kurtis?

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