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Ajrakh Kurtis : The Best Traditional and Everlasting Attire

Ajrakh Kurtis – Ajrakh has been a very well known fabric for ages. It is said that the fabric is introduced to the Kutch. Gujarat. From Sindh, Pakistan. Now, this technique is popular and fast-growing in Kutch and Barmer, Gujarat and Rajasthan respectively. These Ajrakh prints are very unique and traditional. These prints have created a huge impact on the textile market since the beginning of making these clothes.

These classic and Stunning looking dresses are available in the market easily. This fabric is comfortable throughout the year because of its comfortable texture. Textile Infomedia has all the basic contact details of the best suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers of Ajrakh Kurtis, so that you can find the best suppliers of such attire and get it easily.

All about Ajrakh Kurtis

The beginning of Ajrakh Kurtis

The origin of this beautiful fabric is said to be Sindh, Pakistan. This finest art on block printing on the fabric was introduced to Kutch, India around 400 years back. This classic printing art is since then been taught to the coming generation and made a qualitative impact on the textile market. The craze of wearing Kurti of Ajrakh prints got its peak after the mid 19s. These Kurtis are very popular and famous among the younger generation. wearing this elegant looking Kurti is passed through generations. This ancient technique has never failed to satisfy us with its look and quality of fabric material.

The Specificities of Ajrakh Kurtis

The Ajrakh Kurti are block printed on both sides of the fabric so that you can wear them on either side of the fabric. These Kurtis can be worn throughout the year as it is comfortable fabric material for both summers and winters. The bright colours are preferable to these Kurtis. The bright colour of Kurti and the dark colour of block prints are usually the best combination. The crimson red and indigo blue are the most common colours of block printings. The maintenance of this Kurti is very easy and painless, regular detergents and soaps are okay to keep them safe for years.

The Making process of Ajrakh Kurtis

The making process of Ajrakh fabric is very lengthy and time-consuming. It is said that the technical process of making this Kurti has sixteen steps and each step takes one single day to be completed. Then the non-technical weaving process is easy to perform. The colours that are used to make these Kurtis are extracted from nature only. The vegetable, flowers, herbs and iron rust are used to create different shades of colours. These beautiful designs are carved on the wooden blocks by expert artisans and then these block prints are made on fabric material to give it a mesmerised and attractive look. 

The Ajrakh Kurtis – Must Know these Factors

The Ajrakh Kurtis have two-sided printings and that makes it very unique among all other styles of Kurtis. The base fabric that can be used to make this fabric could be majorly cotton, but the other fabric like silk, georgette and rayon are also used to make these paintings. You can wear these Kurtis with varieties of bottom wear. Because of high-quality work and time-consuming processes these Kurtis have a high price rate. You can check the online price range of this Kurti via textile Infomedia, where you can find the best and comfortable price range of this Kurti.

The Trend and popularity of Ajrakh Kurtis

The females of the younger generation and ladies who care about their looks find this Kurti very attractive and classic looking. The sober and elegant look of this Kurti makes it the preferable choice of many girls. you can wear them during travelling hours as well as official hours. this traditional style of Kurti is perfect for any traditional function, casual events, festive season and cultural parties. You must add this classic style of dressing to your wardrobe collection and flaunt with your best attire.

The Fast-Growing Different Styles of Ajrakh Kurtis

The Ajrakh prints are very unique and famous for ages, during this time this printing has faced many modifications, the new and trending ones are listed below that may help you to choose the best look of such Kurtis for your upcoming events and functions.

Ajrakh Kurtis : The Best Traditional and Everlasting Attire

Varieties of prints

There are so many unique and attractive designs carved on blocks that are printed on the fabric. Small and big prints are popular nowadays. According to the functions and occasions you can choose the complex designs and wear them confidently.

Options of Colours

There are so many colour options available to this Kurtis. but the indigo blue and crimson red coloured printings are very popular for ages in this category of fabric. These traditional colours look amazing for any functions and celebrations.

Selection of patterns

The Kurti patterns are very confusing to make the best choice. The Ajrakh prints are nowadays popular with long Kurtis. even the bottom wears such as palazzo and pants are made Ajrakh prints to five the style of attire a fabulous look.

Where can you buy Ajrakh Kurtis?

The textile Infomedia is best intermediate for you to get the contact details of the best manufactures, suppliers and wholesalers of Ajrakh Kurtis. You can also check the online price range and availability of such Kurtis via this platform.

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