5 Things You Should Know About Branded Sarees

It is very crucial in your wardrobe that at least one branded sarees is required. It gives a gorgeous and elegant look which insists on wearing branded saree at special occasions. Here we are sharing 7 things which are important to know about branded sarees.

Here we are providing a list of things that are really helpful before buying branded sarees to maintain quality of sarees. We offer some tips that are useful while we are buying branded saree at online or offline markets. It is bitterly true that branded sarees are much more expensive than normal sarees. Therefore, acquired knowledge about expensive sarees is very vital before going to market.

 Branded Sarees
5 Things You Should Know About Branded Sarees

List of Importance Things About Branded Sarees

Our list is ready based on select sarees based on fabric, price, types, design, trend, quality of cloths, wearing tips, and maintain sarees long term. These are factors crucial to understand about sarees. Because it is evidently note that our dressing sense is describe the personality of person. Thus, wearing sarees is not only our tradition but also feel proud with handsome look.

1) List of stores for best branded sarees

First and foremost things about sarees is that where we buy sarees. We have two option in current world. First, buying sarees at the local market, and another is buying at online. Both are very convenient strategies in recent areas. We have some list of online store that are offer best branded sarees collection at a reasonable cost. For example, textile Infomedia, fabfunda, and suratfabric. These three online store are very famous for selling sarees at online markets. Also you will get best deal as compared to other online stores.

2) Trending branded sarees design

Nowadays, the craze among branded sarees is significantly increasing because of the design and looks. Numerous types of designs are popular for looking gorgeous to women. Firstly, it is observed that printed sarees designs are one of the most prominent designs that are currently seen in various types of branded sarees.

Branded Sarees designs
Branded Saree designs

In our second bucket, embroidery heavy work types of sarees are also one of the popular choices for a long time. It gives a fantastic and extraordinary look. Another famous design is metallic sarees. It is commonly believed that every famous brand has a metallic sarees collection, although it is expensive. The fabric is very qualitative and also feels different when we wear it.

Cocktail and ombre both are also included in the list of branded sarees trending. It is a very unique style design branded sarees. It is also noticeable that both types of design give gorgeous and grand looks which are suitable for various types of special occasion.

 3) Best way to wear branded sarees

There are five important tips that must be important for wearing branded sarees. Firstly, style must be important when wearing sarees. Various types of style are giving dazzling looks. For example, dhoti style, belt style, butterfly style, lehenga, nivi, and traditional style. These are more popular styles that are looking fantastic on branded sarees. Another noticeable point is that blouse. Usually, long sleeved blouse give a stylish and slim look.

It is also crucial factor is that the position of pallu and limited pin. The most cases right side pallu is looking more natural and fabulous and size and location of pin is also noticeable. Then after in our bucket list, add extra layer is gorgeous and advance tips. Petticoats and blazer are both suitable types of extra layer on sarees. It is suitable for any events.

Last but not least, talk about accessories and hills are both vital factor that are directly or indirectly linked with enhancing glow of looks. Limited shining jewellery and perfect hills are extra functionality which makes completed collection fashionable, stylish, and perfect way to wear sarees.  

4) Types of branded sarees

Now it time to know about which types of sarees are consider in the list of branded. Well, all categories types of generally wear sarees are included in the list of branded sarees. But some of most popular and expensive sarees are main products of multination sarees manufactures. It is generally expensive and limited. We are mentioned some of hot popular sarees list which are also most popular and famous branded sarees.

For example, Kanjeevaram, Bandhani, Mysore, Georgette, Chanderi, Pochampally, Banarasi and Kalamkari are most popular categories types of expensive sarees. Which are majority of famous brands focus on manufacturing. It is widely sell and profitable sarees types. That is why, brands are attract towards for making best quality sarees.

Famous Indian Sarees Brands


5) Hidden jam pack to select branded sarees

Now, you are aware about majority of details regarding branded sarees. We share some advance tips that are really useful while you are selecting or buying branded sarees. First and foremost things is that people are blindly trust on famous brands. But the industries truth is that every globally or unicorn company are sometime unable to allocate best sarees. Therefore, it our responsibility to check sarees all detail even it is famous brands.

Another interesting fact about that, branded sarees is very expensive, because of making a brands take a time. However, on other side, some of popular local new brands sarees shops also using equal material for manufacturing sarees. Along with similar quality, they offer cheap pocket friendly rate compare to brands. Therefore, it is smart choice to buy clothes from local market or online overlook trustworthy brands. It is very helpful to save your hard working money.  

Last but not least, fabric also playing an indispensable role while we are selecting sarees. Therefore, choosing perfect or right fabric is more convenient not only for comfortable wearing experience but also life span of sarees. Therefore, it is very crucial to select quality of fabric. Using cotton bag as compare to plastic bag also essential tips for keep of sarees dust free.

To wrap it, we consider that wholesale branded sarees are one of the elegant choices. Humans love to wear it, although it is expensive. We mentioned some brands that offer the greatest collection of reasonable sarees. We hope our article is also useful to getting best tips regarding trending style, buying guide, and wearing style knowledge about branded sarees.

Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Sarees in India

India has a rich and numerous culture, but the affection for sarees remains the same in every country. Every Indian state has a distinctive way of styling sarees and each fashion seems as lovely as the following one. Branded Sarees are cherished through all people in India and each woman wears them with utter delight for his or her subculture and love for their ethnicity. There are numerous manufacturers in India that create lovely sarees and preserve adding something new to the collection with the converting trends. Since the festive season is approaching, we’ve indexed the satisfactory saree brands in India which you have to test out.

He saree is a traditional Indian-subcontinent wear, usually worn by way of girls. This form of apparel is stated to have all started in 2800 BCE. It is undoubtedly a big a part of Southern Asia history. The word ‘sari’ (or saree) has been said to have originated from the Sanskrit word ‘sari’ which means ‘strip of material.’

The saree is arguably one of the maximum state-of-the-art and gorgeous attires worn by using Indians, available in quite a number substances and colours. The more moderen era has additionally innovated the way to put on sarees. The marketplace demand for sarees has significantly increased.

Several stores have unfolded, leaving the customer with a wide array of selections. The overwhelming quantity of options can confuse many. There are a few factors to recall when selecting which saree to buy:

Occasion – Is it a grand occasion, a wedding, or normal use?

Material – Do you need to shop for a silk saree or attempt cotton, linen, etc.?

Design – Do you want to go for a branded dressmaker saree or attempt specific options?

Style – Would you as a substitute have a traditional saree or a modern fusion fashion?

We have compiled a list of the excellent saree manufacturers in India.

Most Popular Saree Brands in India With Price List

Best Saree BrandsPrice*
SabyasachiStarting at Rs 1,19,500
BharatSthaliStarting at Rs 2,000
Manish MalhotraStarting at Rs 1,35,000
Satya PaulStarting at Rs 11,000
Desi ButikStarting at Rs 1,249
MimosaStarting at Rs 975
FabindiaStarting at Rs 1,500
KalanjaliStarting at Rs 2,810
Ritu KumarStarting at Rs 25,000
NalliStarting at Rs 5,832


Sabyasachi is a tremendously reputed clothier logo promoting various products. Particularly renowned for its designs for ethnic put on, this pricey logo is owned via Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He has accrued quite a recognition inside the film enterprise, and actors and actresses have again and again worn his merchandise, specifically at weddings.

The brand creates lovely sarees with particular designs and styles. These sarees are crafted to accentuate the wearer’s average beauty, making them stick out from the gang. On average, Sabyasachi sarees price 1 to two lakhs. For a appropriate saree, that is a completely low priced charge.


When looking for traditional sarees, one need to look at BharatSthali. This logo has the ideal hand loom portions enriched with creative designs. These sarees painting proper beauty and are truly pieces of paintings.

The headquarters are located in Chandigarh. It turned into based in 2017 to sell hand loom clothing. Often they supply their terrifi saree pieces from local artisans, which facilitates help them and keep enterprise booming.

BharatSthali has a wide range of sarees. Their silk, cotton, and linen sarees are the most famous. Some of their cotton sarees are as fantastically made as silk, allowing a comfortable and stylish look best for formal events.

Manish Malhotra

Preparing for a grand occasion? We propose you test out Manish Malhotra on your luxurious outfits. His sarees own a sparkling look which offers a pleasant effect. Many high-profile celebrities prefer this logo because of its professional craftsmanship. They actually have a big collection of clothes and add-ons which may be paired with the saree to provide a high priced appearance. That is why customers can easily have group clothes.

Their customer support is tremendous too, making their customers relaxed. This persuades them to fall in love with this emblem and hold returning to the store.

Nalli Silks

In a listing of the nice saree brands in India, one could should encompass Nalli Silks. Nalli Silks is a logo set up in 1928 and has occupied an ample marketplace area on the grounds that. This is because of their top notch selection of sarees. They are mainly regarded for their natural silk designs from South India; but, they sell sarees crafted from all materials.

Nalli Silks gives low cost costs for attractive portions. Their expenses range from INR 2200 – 1.5 Lakhs. This price range has attracted humans from all sides of the economic system and boosted the logo’s standard popularity.

Satya Paul

An extremely top class designer brand founded in 1985. Satya Paul is a fan preferred due to its one-of-a-kind series of sarees. Their sarees are a chunk specific from other designers due to the touch of tradition in each saree inside their series. However, they still make certain their designs are modern day with fascinating designs.

When shopping from Satya Paul, make sure to browse through all of the alternatives to be had. This is because their choice is simply too properly to overlook. The personnel within the emblem will gladly guide you through their massive selection. They even provide accessories to pair with the sarees.


Fabindia is a pinnacle-rated fabric employer in India. This emblem has more than one retailers in each kingdom in India, making it enormously accessible to not unusual humans. This emblem was based in 1960 by John Bissell. They source their fabrics from neighborhood artisans who’ve boosted both parties definitely. Customers’ eyes had been stuck because of their neighborhood piece designs. They have continuously given work possibilities to neighborhood weavers.

They have fairly state-of-the-art appears for reasonable fees. They have masses of fusion-fashion sarees as well, attracting the younger technology.

Gaurang Sarees

This unique logo has been in the marketplace for twenty years now. Although enormously new, it has rapidly received popularity, and for accurate motives. This emblem has allowed extra than seven thousand artisans to showcase their designs and artwork through their keep. The opportunity has given them their modern customers as they’ve a ramification of designs.

Gaurang sells sarees of all kinds. They offer Banarasi sarees, Cotton, Kanchipuram, Paithani, Raw Silk, and many greater. One is certain to be happy with a suitable saree from their series.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar opened the primary outlet for her emblem in 1969. If trying to find a antique and stylish look, one ought to opt for her sarees. She creates sarees with a touch of antique styles and patterns weaved into the sarees. This has allowed the logo to maintain its relevance but stand proud of the crowd.

Their primary offices are in Gurugram and Kolkata. However, their clients are honestly no longer restrained to these states. They have everyday orders from all states or even in another country.

Desi Butik

Desi Butik become initiated through Apeksha who’s primarily based in Surat as a mission to deliver comfy Indian fashion on a global map. It has end up one of the maximum popular ethnic fashion manufacturers in India today with heaps of dependable customers. The organization is currently centered in Nanpura, Surat and operates in each a part of India on-line.

The DesiButik Trends Saree is a stunning inexperienced saree with heavy zari paintings achieved on the border lace. It comes with a plain silk shirt that goes flawlessly with the saree. The blouse also has some embroidery work on the neckline which adds a rich sense to it.


Mimosa is one of the most successful producers of silk sarees in India. The organisation is presently centered in Bangalore and operates across the country thru its on line stores. You also can locate a spread of fabrics and designs including cotton, silk, chiffon, silk, and greater. The brand gives awesome reasonable products which can be of amazing quality.

Mimosa’s Kanchipuram Silk Saree is made with art silk material and comes with an unstitched blouse. It has an amazing military blue base with complex zari work completed all over. This saree is the right outfit for an reputable function or a own family gathering in which you want to appearance stylish and fashionable.


Sarees are delicate and beautiful garments fabricated with a lot care and interest. Sarees are considered to be tough to wear. However, the difficulty may be prevented while shopping appropriate sarees. This is why one can purchase a saree from a relied on emblem. Purchasing sarees from the right manufacturers is essential as they deliver remarkable material. They need the wearer to be secure, assured and sense of their element when carrying the saree.

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